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But before we close to give our I love of the week for twenty nineteen. What is your love of the week where she got to look at my list. Now, we're gonna put my list. We're probably watching tons of this right now. So one of the things I've got for my kids for Christmas is popular mechanics for kids the DVD's for a season three and four. So we've long had the DVD's for season. One two we got them before. One of our epic Indiana drives in the minivan driving from Pennsylvania to Indiana at its it's what is something that all four of them are willing to watch. It's it's not so popular mechanics of kids. That's hard because you have quite the Spanish agents has a watch and see like, you know, they they studied how aquariums worker how rockets worker how you know, like stunt cars in movies were or something like that it so episodes that are different, and it's kind of funny, and it's led by kids were like eleven twelve years old, right? Are the hosts of it. So in relatable in that sense. And so yeah, we had season one into the DVD's. We're getting scratched repeat 'cause shockingly minivan wear is a hard on movies. But so I bought. Three and four which the kids got for Christmas. And we're probably enjoying that. Now. So cool we own no DVD's. Streaming. Then the cloud. It's all. We don't watch. The physical media. We just like to be able to pull it up from Amazon or like, we although we didn't we have our movies on I tunes half of them on Amazon and like random ones are on Netflix. So it's not like not do. Maybe we have an older car is that we'll know when we don't have a thing in the car like if we're going on a long trip, we just give him I patch. And they don't do like don't have a thing. Yeah. Josh was really against that for some unknown reason. But I mean, we give them my pets. Get the time on it. Because it's sometimes it's total misery, right? Like if one headset isn't working and three are like, oh my goodness. Like that is not a senior wanna go through. I feel like you would need to have a stockpile headsets. But when is being trip, and they're quiet. We could have adult conversation on the front seat. But that's funny when you said DVD's 'cause I was actually in target, and I was like who buys is. So that's the answer. Someone. All right. What's your? I love the week is my twenty nineteen planner my Hoban each echo cousin not the event, the one volume, and the fact that I resurrected a cover from twenty sixteen because it's like this like black leather soft leather super-sleek in professional looking at. I'm just super excited to break that bad boy that girl I think she's a girl girl in for the new year. Sounds good. All right. Well, this has been best of both worlds episode seventy four celebrating New Year's talking about what we're going to be doing twenty nineteen so tune.

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