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Up off the back wall by Max Harper Harper comes in, He'll chip it behind the net. Jenny gets to it first. Without let pass broken up by Air Force Kept in at the blue Line by Harper Harper, one Against three tried to walk in from the hash marks that didn't work. They take the puck away. How to the neutral zone. It comes collision there between Maraj is and the defender. A bear. The puck is loose, grabbed by Air force. Coming up on the three minute mark left here in the second period to nothing hockey game. Goals by Robert Morris one in the first one in the second. Happens last week had trouble offensively against the Yellow Jackets and Springfield. And are scoreless here through almost two full periods. Tonight past comes out from out of the corner in the slot left France knocks it down, drifts and then fires away. He hit the side of the net with that shop. Bouncing off of players loose over on the far side. And finally Sam Brennan has it to patch Opinsky patch turns and goes. Three on three for Air Force two's left to Norland behind the bride back to Norland. Behind the net hammered, their part comes loose. Pitched out of there and chase down its center rise by Blake Bride. 205 left second period. The France trying to pick up a pot behind his own net. Out to center ice. It comes and Maynard gets a steal. Maynard to Weigel. Dalton Weigel Field fires it in Trying to pick it up along the wall. Near side is Nate Horn Horn gets it to Gavin Gavin. The blast that one is off the side of the net ends up in the near corner. Yeah. Robinson keeps it alive. Toe horn born wanting to go back wall Runs into a defender. There that Shaeffer pins him to the board's coming from behind and keeping it alive is willing rhyme rhyme goes behind the Net comes out the other side feeds to the blue line. Over here on the near side. It's Robinson, Robinson and Gavin. They crisscrossed Gavin comes out of a pack of players fires away, Max, get a bottle on the way in. Sluice out front grabbed, thereby Robinson Robinson shot stick save made by West Boy how he saw that one through all that traffic. I don't know, but a good save there by west on Robinson and then it clear on.

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