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Is GonNa Dick here. What's the matter they? Haven't you ever seen Spiderman before. Normally he's with a year than that too and I don't think this is the real spider man the real oh spiderman. It'd be all oh. Is Your van at a gas and unlike throw the gas sponde- Spiderman is known for using gas bombs. That's right because I have up to see your bus pass. I know everyone hates Spiderman and I know that everyone also can't tell that His voice but I mean this first time you've seen spiderman used chemical weapons. It's not in his wheelhouse to be smoke bombs at police. Everyone's only guard spider man. I I know he sticks to the Geneva Convention dammit out in his Wallet Peter Just sticking to stuff in the back of the van like you. Here's this commotion Ocean going on inside and he just ripped off his cuffs because superstrong sticks to the side of the wall as if that's going to help in any way and it just kills him he's just not comfortable triple that way yeah. He's pretty liberal with Being Spiderman as Peter Parker in this episode and fast and loose spiderman did show with an entire your bag full of gas. Bob's Zach does don't you see when he robbed midtown must come. Yeah but that was. That was a spider under SAC. Made A webbing this time. It's just a regular burlap. A dollar sign on it or something. They bring full arsenal to take down this like police truck and escort. It's a little overkill. Hey come on the guy was charged with treason. Okay like I think it's fair to you. Know have a police convoy defending the guy with treason. That sounds like treason. Talk to me I.

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