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On espn action podcast. That i'm dave walker. And i am joined by my partner in crime. Evan burchfield evan. How are you. Well the falcons are facially eliminated from making the playoffs. So oh it's official. Yeah it's a. i mean. It was official in week five. But it's official official now like they have it you know. There's no shot for them to make the playoffs like they're eliminated. So i mean that's always fun in now. All hope is gone so we can kind of. Pretend there's a chance anymore because it's over yes. It is one hundred percent over. I guess there is some comfort in that. Of course we are here to talk about. The falcons lost today in the was this week. Thirteen week fourteen. fourteen fourteen. They did lose on the road to the chargers who many people have called the falcons of the afc west and they lost in the only fashion. That would make sense when you pit. The falcons against another falcons team they last lost in the last twenty seventeen. I think what's notable about this game. If you guys want to know the overall story this one is the firing up. All the matt ryan talk because he had arguably one of his worst games of the season In it's funny. 'cause evans you and i were saying talking before the podcast in the year where fans have universally agreed there. Cutter is a major major issue needs to be gone. He has a problem with this offense In a game where matt ryan was missing. Julio jones and two of his starting offensive linemen He still takes the blame people. Use this as proof that matt ryan done. They need to move on And to be clear. I do think the two interceptions at the end of the game were absolutely matt ryan. I don't think there's any doubt about that. So you could definitely make a very strong case. This game is on his shoulders But it has already fired up the talk. Because if there's one thing you and i have learned about falcons fans there is no middle ground. Here's knows singing. That matt ryan had a bad game in that. Be it it. It has to turn into matt. Ryan had the game. Because he is sucked. He's always sucked. He was terrible from two thousand eight until now are you guys are stupid for everything. He was a good quarterback like that's the response tend to get and that. That's what i. I personally can't handle it. My blood pressure can't handle this types of conversations anymore So what's your take on the game. What's your take away from this insane loss that we saw well you know it was the turnovers. I think when when.

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