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As i o it doesn't just turned up at christmas and yeah he appears right so you can actually be ah he'd like a designer so of ask them this is like thirteen year old me like all what did you study at university o woods i mean what skills to a need to be and and from that solve yet went on a a crazy journey when i was uh so seventeen ah was working at an ousmane working so i was studying finearts ends one of the subjects we got was so british icons saw them i'll be great if i could make so british ikonen and lego because that was the media my no maclay paint right f and fly bill amy winehouse of lego host say she saw of the the start of my so lego adventure and this is one of the coolest origin stories are gets gets better or worse worse here yet but i am from that i got a lot of press in the media hunt i go invited to go down to work at like ireland or so interview allegra lines and yes a price cut the job and became a mass the model builder and windsor so go to work on pox all of the world quote like all models and i think fifteen fifteen of the parks in the world which pretty calm and an end and in that just at tyga but this without is that like because there are different like a lands everywhere is art are the legos in each uh kind of do they do correlate with the locations and like what what were you building at that point so my my love or my passionate living people's heads of tyco so that's built a law of heads while it was that but i've yet we built buildings and sculptures would be the of little red riding hood's or like a building in tokyo or whatever ios located in the pentagon right hook on ram and yet you making crazy stuff.

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