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Baby which we ended up having our daughter emily after that how are you doing now twenty five twenty six years later well i'm still taking him reinforced of got eight and trucks in my back and i have to work out a lot of you my best when i slow of pay you know i get a lot of aches and pains if somebody jumped in my body they'd probably be in a lot of pain but i i it pretty much but yeah i still have to continue the rehab it's a never ending cycle which is good so it has some good you know side effects and keep fit and healthy but i'm i'm great there's nothing i really can't do that i wanna do is it really true that it was very difficult to get dj's to play the song conga it was first of all it was they told us specifically to latin for the americans into american for the latins so when they would hear the track they loved it they thought it was really cool but they were not going to take a chance on playing it and we had the best focus group of all when we wrote that song in europe we came back and we played gigs and we were playing that song on our gigs before we even recorded and people would literally flood to the dense lors if they were hearing a hit so we were completely sure that it would happen so jeff shane who's played in in represented in the play literally called a friend of his in the midwest and pulled in a favor and said please just play at once for me and the guy played it and the phones went crazy people were calling in from like insurance companies saying that everyone was doing the congo all around the floor of the of the office and that's the kind of impact that would have when it was on the radio and getting played but it took a year to get to the top ten.

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