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Mats, and that's been roundabout my ten Valentine's Day pitchers. Ten of my favorites. From my top seventy five. Hopefully got further insight into why like these guys let me know what you think about them. I understand some of the pushback on some pushback on some of them for sure, let's let's talk about let's debate it. That's totally fine. I do think there's a little bit herd mentality with Kershaw, and Bumgarner, I'm not sure everyone knows why they're out, but they're seeing some other folks be out, and they don't be caught holding the bag, and I just don't know that we're. Or that fine in our projections that. To be able to see like to see that necessarily coming. I I don't know. I don't wanna get off on a whole Tange on that and make this podcast another hour long. But. I see some of the warning signs. I do like I understand that Kershaw is not all capital letters Kershaw. But I mean, that's why he's not going number one among pitchers and in the first round anymore to right. So I've had kind of an overarching thing about like what's baked into the price and projection, and what's being double counted in forgetting Kershaw thirty six. Aren't we putting the risk into that price? Is he still not a strong? How is he still not a strong play there? I guess is what I'm asking. Because we were so gung ho that he was a first rounder these last several years, and he was he was awesome. He has this year, which wasn't his best. But was still so good. I think that's where I get again. I get washed there like it was still so good. And now we gotta run for the hills. As if there was the beginning of the end. I don't know. I I don't think I can do that with Kershaw. Bumgarner is a little bit of a different case, I will continue to separate them while also grouping them, I know it's confusing a little bit contradictory. But I won't use them together for the general point, and then split off into the actual risk factors and individual cases because I'm not trying to say Kershaw. Bumgarner are one and the same. There's Bumgarner was never as good as Kershaw. So be relative to the previous heights that they reached and for me. I'm going to bet against the public and take this discount on Kershaw. That's just that's just me anyway recap. There was the top ten from my top thirty from top seventy five in groups of fifteen here to two from each group Noah Syndergaard at eight Clayton Kershaw at ten Carlos Martinez at twenty six you Darvish at twenty eight Charlie Morton at thirty one when we castio at thirty five Joe grove at forty seven animal Sanchez at fifty four Michael wocka at Where'd you go walk sixty seven excuse me. And then Stephen Matt's at seventy two was monorail mentioned sprinkled in there just guys that you you were probably expecting, but I was trying to be a little bit a little bit different. Give you a few different guys. There's hopefully you guys enjoyed that back tomorrow with Justice.

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