Man who recorded video of Ahmaud Arbery's death gives strange interview alongside lawyer on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time


Chris Cuomo last night if you're watching CNN you know the story in Georgia it's a horrible situation this poor kid amat R. break gunned down shot and killed by two clan members from what I like to call them to make plans so the guy that actually video of this he's now under investigation the question is why was he also chasing this man why did the video it so I think those are fair questions so he and his attorney did an interview with Cuomo and I gotta say these two people at the particularly his attorney seem to be one of the dumbest attorneys I've ever heard in my life this is Chris Cuomo asking Brian about his possible relationship with the McMichael's listen to this hi Mister Brian you are known as radi to friends correct that's right and in the police report the McMichael's referred to a radi I'm assuming that was you yes okay not Chris even a prosecutor and you can imagine that this prosecutor that's it in this case twenty four hours she gonna start throwing stuff around our living room if you start doing her job for okay because as good as you are she probably rather do it yourself you eat you eat do you know the group what we could talk about without causing problems for anybody and I know you're trying but this man cannot be answering substantive questions about the case

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