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And it uses like a quarter of the power so it's plugged into a secondary monitor i send this to your turn to talk and i will play can't chew gum and walk into same well my my point is other than the podcasting self which i could totally do on a pc if i wanted to it's just my personal workflow i'm used to using the mac garage band almost everything i do now i could do in a windows ten machine just as well of course i do have to worry about male wear and spyware and viruses on that side of things which generally don't have to really worry about that on the mac but i've been hit once i got hit by ransomware i didn't realize i had turned off my virus in web now wear protection because i was testing something for have turn it back on my wall i run weber now which i run it on all my machines it's the same program when it's on my androids on my ipad it's on my mac my mac book that's on my windows machine i i actually like these guys their stuff is really good found one weird bug in it yesterday that i run opening new for realtors the keyboard wasn't working couldn't get the keyboard well it has this webroot has this thing for secure keyboards that you can't can't use them that way so you can't back door or see now that makes sense but still stop that app from running you can just disable convert away when you're playing.

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