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Lens on it. It's like Holy Shit. This movie is like really. It's not about like a girl trying. It's not a better girl trying to get her brother back. It's about girl like overcoming. Her abuser is like Holy Shit. Okay yeah that's that's happening now while ago. Yes she she overcomes it and immediately David Bowie like just loses all all power and it's a great great metaphor so I say it has that positive ending like it's disturbing the entire way but it has that half that happy like final battle girl up riches really hard and as linear and she has lots of ups and downs in the in Jamaica. It I I was trying to think of other movies. That tell stories like that and I couldn't come up with any that really really good or generally. Were like an abuser. Is it a movie. The movie is war about like a revenge. Fancy which is always the the route you showed go just like Like a nice euphoria of it but There's a movie with. I WANNA say it was with Mark Wahlberg. Maybe where. He's like an abusive boyfriend. That's like he's like he'll at some point he likes starts punching his chest to fake that like the dad is beating him to like convince the girlfriend to like get out of that house so that he can control her and I can't fucking I couldn't remember the name of that movie but it's like the only other one I can think of that. Like came close to that story by. It's I'm trying to remember the anointing is I only the only reference point I have for. That movie is that they make a joke about it always sunny. That's the only thing I can relate still of course I can't remember the name. It's very good. I can't remember it I'll try to look. It's fear the movies fear. It is Mark Wahlberg mark. Wahlberg Reese Witherspoon. Yeah he's supposed to be like the he's like the perfect boyfriend who are and everything and then like he starts getting like really like aggressive and controlling creepy but like that's a good movie but that doesn't come close to like David Bowie's just this and yeah. Yeah that's why I like that. It ends with With the painting because that paying all about kind of like the idea every time. Mc Hammer every MCS. I'm waiting well that's why I like about the MC hammer painting relativity. It's actually not a painting it's a prince but yeah the whole way of that that work by that artist so my is that it's all about like illusion and kind of like normal laws. Don't apply to that painting which is great because yeah like David powers illusion like we were saying. It's it's lying. It's trying to controller and got a gas lighter and maker losers sense of of reality that whole the whole sequence is shot so well where she's chasing around and like toby's like up on the ceiling and she's down the ground and she walks out like suddenly toby's across the room and she's got like a gap across and you never you never know where she's at in that whole scene until the very end. Were David Bowie comes to confront her and she has her line night the power now and suddenly it all lit. What other movie that does. Gas Lighting really well is inception Yeah I've thought about that. I can see it He convinces his now. I've seen inception once in my life so also remember. This is a very basic understanding. But he convinces his wife that the only way to get out is by ending the dream right and then she ends up killing herself a name for for gas lighting but I also understand that most people do not interpret it that way. I never did before but I never thought of it that way but it does make. I can see it now that you say Lynn Turk. Oh you know what? The League actually is They cover it pretty well in Perfect blue point every that's the enemy. It's another satyricon movie. Who also did Paprika? Which wasn't -ception came from. I don't like I don't like Christopher Nolan. Yeah perfect blue is all about like a Japanese pop idol whose like losing her grasp on reality and like her managers are not helping her with that and says it's very disturbing because you never know what's real and what's like it's slow from hers perspective mostly so you don't know what's actually happening and what's like a dream in black swan was also based on perfect blue or at least. Yeah yes yeah. Black was based on like perfect blue and Black Swan which is la. But why flaunted find? The movie differs. I was just talking to somebody about two weeks ago. Interestingly enough like once a week block it was a good movie that got like a ridiculous amount of press because they were like. Oh lesbian sex scene. And this is it's GonNa demoralize all of our shoulder and don't be chaos in the streets because there's like three seconds succeed with Manly Natalie. Portman in my liquor this I remember. Yeah everyone was like like like the world is going to end. That was the level of seriousness. That you're talking about blacks. Remember that there are people who watch that just happened are now going to hell. Because they're poor is were damaged you know. They saw women check their dot. Yeah Devil as if. I don't like the idea that anyone was fucking surprised about the Goddamn Super Bowl Halftime. Show like they've never heard of secure or beyond saving for like saying what the. Fuck is wrong. What's wrong with you you just Djabel? I'm sorry not say not say jalen offended by now. I will in my defense. I didn't actually watch this. I just saw all about afterwards. You should watch. It would show a Soga. I've heard very good. I'll I've seen like stills of it by actually watched the whole thing I did on freaking out like I can't believe Shakira. Mike showed her buttons. Like you know who Shakira. It's we all know we over. Member hips don't lie like we knew going in getting music. I see a lot of that had to do with people. I mean some people are just not okay with it just because they weren't 'cause I mean considerable family friendly in a way that I am here. Okay if people watching him beat the shit out of each other tackled him. But I I found that Also culture where like. Let's say that. But let's just ignore that. Like how many fucking like NFL players like known rapist or abusers are like to just beat the shit out of people get away with it but whatever Agai Oj Simpson innocent for those that are on facebook. I do love the mean. That's going around where it says acquitted doesn't mean you're interested in has a picture OJ Simpson. I just laughed every time but I don't do that but at those crack me up every time I see it. We talk about the ending of this movie. When she got us are wrapping up soon. We got half hour but did we talk about the ending where she comes out of bedroom. Come BACK INTO THE BEDROOM. Got There yet. That's actually where okay. I had to run away but I think that part is cool but to me it was like I liked Donald Trump back to the real world with toby and she kind of sad because the friend she made along the way aren't there with her and and then they all come through the Mir and one of their party and making a loud music and I'm GONNA be one doesn't era party. They just one hero lack there of the Guy. The Guy with the weird bird on a set that we neglected talk about for some reason. I forgot Jimmy Banjo. We one that is the strangest part of the movie but I think that Liens Liens liens accent. Slipping through I think that lends credence to the notion that it did actually happen. And that she does have some kind of actual power unless she's just imagining that our the Bay I think she has the power of the bay which is Voodoo As we all know it happened to happen. Wow it had to happen once this episode. I wanted to make sure it was. Somehow I avoided bill. Now you've just being annoying me when I try it earlier. 'cause we didn't at the beginning of the episode. That's all we do for the rest of the. I know. If I got into that I would not be able to get out of it. I know where I know how my mind works. Yeah it's it's an odd in wolf first of all like her. She shows up in a room and she gives her brother Steph bear that she was looking for in the beginning which they never explained how that bear locker room because she accuses the baby of stealing it. Even though it's a baby by room I hate that interest part of her acting that I don't like I hate the mom. The stepmom in the data and she she takes some time to like respond to them which is kind of addictive. I know she's happy to be back but they're like honey. We're home honey. Honey A up their first of all. It's a Dick move on the parents because what it's like it's midnight and they're just yelling in the house like we're back like we assume you're still awake you fifteen year old girl and baby at midnight young or she says it's okay and then they don't they don't come up to check on her or the baby just like okay. Yeah she's here all right. I mean they don't hear the already liked and again. This is tiffany said. I don't understand why the goblins were there exactly where. Maybe the GOBLINS weren't bad. It was the Goblin King. That was bad because the kings an abusive manipulative absol- so random Golfer.

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