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Probably November so I said December I went down to Daytona right after Thanksgiving and stated a motel across the street the Holiday Inn. Every day I still we set up. Our office was on a Pepsi Cooler. Right outside. Bill Francis Office. Jim Foster was end of a hallway. Frances on the left and positive is on the right side chair. I had a pepsi. Cooler seeking strengthen the broadcast booth both France foster and bear cord veteran. sportscaster Ken Squire. Who became the first voice of the network brisk wire? The job wasn't to be taken for granted. Porsche I I was fortunate. I came from a little track up in Vermont with a smaller radio station. That my dad and I knew a little about the value of radio and people's imaginations and that's not to say I ever did anything it wasn't totally factual but however have you did know the limitations and when you could step over the line and make it real good which was important nascar are hall of Famer. Ken Squire truly among the very best to lift. MICROPHONE COMING UP WE'LL head back to nineteen seventy can squire wire and Jim Foster have big plans for the network and NASCAR as we continue with fifty years of our S. You have a car truck boat or other vehicle that seen better days. But you're not sure what to do with it. Turn.

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