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Even when stores reopen, will anyone go?


We got the first inkling of our looming economic calamity in the middle of February. When apple said it wasn't going to be able to get products from its China supply chain. It was a supply shock. Not Enough stuff for people to buy that turned into as we all know a demand shock when we all went into quarantine not enough people to buy all the stuff and the reopening that's happening in some places it try at getting that demand going again. Apple's going to open some of its stores this week starbucks and macy's have already started. There's a bunch of things going on but just because consumers can go back doesn't mean they're gonNA marketplace Mariusa. Sagarra gets US GOING WITH DEMAND SHOCK partout yesterday. Colin Adams is wife went to cracker barrel. The restaurant country store chain to pick up some takeout. My wife said it was absolutely packed. You know people were there celebrating. Mother's Day and she saw wearing masks where the employees Adams. Who LIVES IN? Tennessee says the idea of sitting down at a restaurant right now fills him with existential dread. Also he's a pastor. You know someone get super sick. I might have to go see someone who's in their eighties or nineties or a woman who's one hundred three and I'd just the risk just isn't worth going out for this morning. I asked people on twitter. Are you going back to restaurants or stores? Almost everyone said not just no but not just doesn't seem safe yet. Even if people stay far apart James Smith lives in Phoenix and a scene with the virus can do. His colleague was hospitalized with it. His sister has it. The symptoms are atrocious. Marielle its I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Cerise Johnson lives in Mississippi to sit in a place for an extended period of time and like close quarters of people not interested right now another response. I wouldn't go out to stores or restaurants if you paid me a big fat bonus. Even some folks who go to stores are conflicted about it. Dana Franks lives in Nashville and stopped by. Macy's this weekend to buy some makeup. She felt pretty safe. But also kinda guilty. It's a very weird staling like I shouldn't be there. There's a wad of that ceiling right now. Of course if places are packed that means a lot of people are going out. But there's clearly a divide with a strong contingent of people who do not feel ready.

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