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But really if you think about anything that you've ever learned in your whole life what begins as an Thought Exercise Moves remark thoughts to our hearts in such a way that we develop a love. The first thing about which we're learning one of the examples all used to teach on this is I son learning to play the piano when he first began learning there. Were for a lot of mechanical things that he needs. Learn to be able to develop an aptitude but in the midst of Development Act developing aptitude. He developed a deep love for the instrument the and over time and the more that he practiced his aptitude more his love for the instrument in the music increase. And and so I would say there's A. There's a loose parallel there to studying the Bible. But there's this other excellent part about studying the Bible that learning the piano doesn't necessarily have and that's the Holy Spirit speaking speaking to rule the words Jer and I I would say that if the word is indeed living an active as it's described to be than anyone anyone who has the Holy Spirit dwelling them because they are a believer in Christ should come to the word expectant that Sinking deeply absolutely and rightly about God will indeed transform. Our desires will transform our emotions so that they align with the truth of WHO. God is USC. That's really what I'm advocating for. When I asked women to have a thought level interaction with the Bible not that you would shut down your emotions I mean you you can? As as you've noted in the video I have this televangelist problem that happens when I try to read scripture and I start to cry and I cannot stop it I have asked the Lord to make it go. uh-huh away and in his actually gotten worse. So don't pray for you go away. That is our I mean that is it though is at the the the the words scripture our life giving they are God communicating to us about who he is about the implications of that for us as his image bearers and that is a deeply emotional. It is it is. It is a desire level impact that the spirit takes the words of scripture and uses them to to reshape us. A man. Well I think the problem is if we we don't let touches chess. It really just remains head knowledge and we know odd about God out. We don't know yet. I think that's the thing. I so appreciated about her ministry. Is You take us to the word in you. Teach US how to look at it with critical in all of that. The did the Dan just very gently. Not Not on a not in a you know a kind of emotional basis but you decide how. How does this what does this look like for you? How does this affect your life and I think for me? That's where everything changed because otherwise I was just reading getting through the Bible without the I will get through to me Earnings read it in with the Lanza. What what is this team to my heart? Well I love Atlantic of Yogi. was you just give us a little glimpse of Um what that looks like in your personal as you're studying cuts word. How does it go beyond just head knowledge in doing our duty or Christian duty to read where guy to really allow compound that heart knowledge? Now I think a lot of it is just coming into the Bible as you've described A little bit just asking the Bible able to speak to us a five. I grew up. I think with an idea that the Bible was supposed to tell me about me and certainly the Bible does tell us about who we are are but it does so through the Lens if you got it and what. I know that I was missing the most is I entered into adulthood in my interactions with. This pictures was I lacked a transcendent vision of God. I did not perceive him to be near and almost sort of snugly but I did did not understand the God who thundered from Mount Sinai. I did not understand the God of Mount Zion who is a consuming fire and not only that but I was a a little terrified that that God in my perception at the time had at one time existed in the Old Testament and I didn't know how to bring that image forward to the New Testament without got it perhaps doing injury to my understanding of of what it meant that God loved me and so coming into more of a maturity in my faith. Big Part of that was coming to understand that the Bible is giving us a picture of God who is near ear. But who also is transcendent. So anything about opening lines of the Lord's prayer is our father but he's also in heaven and those two intention and are wet Help us to then read the Scriptures Not just for encouragement which was a big pattern that had been given to me. I think in my upbringing but also That they would be exhorting us they would be calling us to repentance and that even as believers we live with a right understanding that the God who has sought relationship with us is seated between the chair Bam and two ideas. Both the God who has near in the God who transcends are necessary Siri for us to to come to the scriptures in the right auster so that we're looking not just you feel close to him to understand understand. What a privilege it is that relationship has been extended to us at all so true so I think I think we tend towards one the extreme or the other? So how do we bring. How how did that come together for you? I know that's a big question. But when did those pieces start getting together rather than Haina clashing against each other. Well one of the things that has been a huge blessing lessing in my life. Is that my earthly father is is a very kind and good father and so you were saying people tend to go one direction or the other with this. Yes and I think so. Much of that often has to do with what they're earthly. Father has been like. What kind of influenced at father has had on them because my earliest conceptions exceptions of God very easily went to that he was good and then he loved me and but for many people that is not the case an an and also so? My father is not a heavy authoritarian figure. And so two so. I think the other the holiness of God was the piece for me needed reinforcement and when my husband and I were in our late twenties we were in a newlywed Sunday school class and they did a study by RC. Sprawl on the holiness of God. Yes and it was the beginning I think for me of of realizing the piece that I was missing and in the developing real hunger to know I had a I say I had a a decent familiarity with the with the municipal attributes. God the things that are true about God at we understand in our humanity that can also be true about us. I knew that he was merciful. And loving and good and and peaceful and along suffering. I knew those things about him that I had not meditated on some of his incommunicable attributes that he was omniscient on an and Omni present. Those things were were not things I had spent a lot of time thinking about and and so that became sort of the pursuit of about five or ten years. Just reading reading and thinking and Even teaching studies on on. Who got is that An? I've come to see even more clearly over the last over over ten years how we call it the doctrine of God but that the doctrine of God was in many ways missing from what we were teaching in our churches. And it's really important. It helps us to read the Bible. I'm with an eye toward what it's telling us is true about odd so that became something to recover. I love that. I'm I don't know if this is original with you but I'm I heard someone coach you s see that that the Bible is the story of God. He's he's the main character and that is just been resonating in my heart because I think it goes to what you're what you're talking about. We tend to make it all about us as though you're you're the meat carrier. We can really grasp that this is the story of God in. We are apart of that story rather than him being a part a story by how how can we. How can we refer his around? Well I do think that we many of us what I have found in leading Bible Studies in asking like you've probably noticed in the in the studies that you've done actually. I don't know that I did it in the sermon. On the Mount Study but definitely invited haven't got creation at the end of each each section of homework. We asked the same question in its on. What did you learn about God in Texas Week in and what I've learned having that A. B. The question that's asked every week over the period of time now for almost twenty years? Twenty five years is that women have a difficult time with answering that question. In fact a lot of times I would get emails from women saying Hey. What was the answer to that question on? We never speeder study. Mike or McGinnis were unique to come up with the answer. You know like you can do that but we have almost like an an an atrophied or an underutilized underutilized muscle. When it comes to answering that question we have become accustomed to looking or the lesson that we are supposed to take from from a particular portion of the text that we have forgotten to start by saying what is this story or this psalm or This this part of this epistle ailing me about who is an an and so that then changes the application that we're going to draw hermits. It's like we're we just finished a study first and second Samuel Village and in I Samuel you come across that famous story of David Goliath and we have a tendency to read it and turn it into almost a fable that it that has a moral of the story where to take away you know. Stand up and face your giant. It's and it's not that there is nothing to that but the first question that we need to ask is. What is God? Doing the story of David and Goliath DOT is demonstrating. That what he has said will come to pass. We'll come to pass out as demonstrating that he is. He alone is God among nations And and so the miracle is not David and the stone so much as it is. God striking down Goliath in Iraq wolf manner and and and then we have a tendency to one identify the story with David when in fact in any of the stories once you've identified what God is doing begin to realize oh I'm actually supposed to identify. NFL with the Israelites. Like I'm the people cowering in the background wringing our hands and wondering what we should do Which of course newsy that? God is is reigning sovereign lanes freely in that story. That has a lot to say to. Those who would cower in tremble in the face of opposition will in the me the beautiful part art approaching Bible.

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