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Include physical therapists, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, cognitive enhancement, trainers, athletic trainers and strength and conditioning Coach is at the brigade level. Okay? I was with Army combat troops for about 45 years ago. And this was not a problem. Then I guess our young folks today are as a group in very poor shape. And our military needs troops in top shape. So this makes sense. The Taliban have once again agreed to suspend attacks in southern Afghanistan that have displaced thousands in recent weeks. But on ly after the Americans promised to hold all strikes and night raids in keeping with the peace agreement we signed with the insurgents in February. The United States has been conducting airstrikes in support of Afghan forces trying to repel weeklong Taliban assaults in southern Helmand province that threatened to derail efforts to end Afghanistan's 19 Year war. The Taliban pledge came after a meeting with US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad Odd and a general Austin Miller, commander of U. S troops in Afghanistan. The Taliban agreed to suspend their operations after we said we would end drone strikes on insurgent positions as well as night raids and air assaults. The negotiations, which have been taking place since the U. S, signed a deal with the insurgents on February 29th are seen as the country's best chance at achieving peace. The odds for peace are small, but these people deserve the opportunity to live in peace. Plan B is for us to stay there as the police force basically an endless war. I hope this plan works. A new precision guided bomb that can go after moving targets and bad weather has been approved for operational use on the F 15 e strike eagle, according to our Air Force. Following nearly 140 flight and developmental tests, conducted by units at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida Air Combat Command recently signed off on the Raytheon made bomb for use by the Legacy Fighter jet. The bomb is also referred to as small diameter bomb to or as DP, too. Brigadier General Heath Collins, the airforce weapons program executive officer said in a news release. Quote SD Btu's ability to attack Moving targets at range in adverse weather delivers a significant advantage to our warfighters arsenal end quote. The Stormbreaker is also expected to fly on the Navy F 18 Super Hornet and F 35 Joint Strike fighter. The Air Force, which classifies the bomb, as thie.

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