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You know, they recognize it. He has made huge strides and the talents there. So I'm excited to see him now in this big stage opportunity and a huge SEC game. Does he take that next step? You know, that was another takeaway from the meeting. You know, he's clearly the starting quarterback now as the folks here know there was some question if he was for the first couple of weeks that that's gone. And you think about everything he's been through. You know, move to a completely different part of the country, learn a completely different style of offense. He's never played in the RPO offense before. He's out of the air raid. So he had to learn all of this all the new teammates. And different hunting here too. Different hunting. He's a hundred fisherman. I think though and Todd would agree with me on this. I'm sure the biggest takeaway of the meeting with Jackson dart is he has a brother named diesel. And that's his actual name. Nickname. It's mad at his parents. Yeah, he's mad that he's not diesel because he was older and they named him Jackson and then the younger brother diesel. Can't get this stuff anywhere, you know? I wasted all our good stuff today. Don't worry, our audience isn't that big. Oh, yes it is. Every time I'm on this show, I just have a lot of people tell me I saw you on there with Paul. I want to go back to and you know me. I'm always looking for some gossip, but so you're talking to a coach and you know it's going to be a bad day when they say, if we have a perfect game, we think we can maybe keep it a two or three score game. I don't know if they ever say that, but a lot of times you get the list. We've got our hands full. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to have to do this this and all candor. And it wasn't set off the records. Our conversations with the South Carolina people, a couple of weeks ago and they played Georgia. And they were realists. But you feel good about that, because beamers. And you also appreciate the candor because we watched the tapes and we like to think we know a little going into it. I certainly lean heavily on both Todd's for their football sense of it when we go in. You know, what you do is an uphill challenge. Does anybody ever kill off the record? We have no chance. I'm not sure ever those exact words, but a lot of times it comes about as close to that as it can be. In other words, you've got Paul Chris once told me right before a game. No, the day before game and walk through is that we just, you know, look at all the 5 stars. I have no idea. I mean, he was pulling my chain, but he was like, you know, I don't know what we can do to win this game. And then they went out and beat LLC the next day. Todd, I mean, you're looking at a lot of things. But Sean's saying things that are okay for public air. How forthcoming are these guys with you about prospects and about ability and things that really matter to someone who's doing a valuations like you? Much more forthcoming when it's January, February, march. And that's when they'll really tell you. And it's also there's right now with so many juniors coming out and underclassmen coming out. They don't want to talk about prospects in that regard. They want the focus to be on the season. I want the focus to be on the season. And then I can dive into all the other character things and some just how they work and those sorts of issues. But that's what I thought it was interesting because kiffin came here and he said, I was a minute late, I was at a collective press conference. And you're like going, this is a guy that doesn't need to be at a collective press conference the day before the biggest game so far this year. But you need to because L is a huge part of the future. The interesting part about your last question, Paul. And I've been with Todd when this has happened where we've walked away from a meeting. And Todd felt the coach was kind of almost underselling the player because he doesn't want him. Todd mcshay says, well, if he goes, he's definitely a first round picker second round pick. The kid knows his credibility. He's probably going to go where the coach, you know, a lot of times, well, I really think if he stayed another year, he'd really benefit from the experience. Sometimes that's actually true. But a lot of times it's just, I want my guy to stay. Sean McDonough and Todd mcshay, I know you have to evaluate, but can you divorce all the noise? Because no matter what you say about a player, it becomes an explosion on social media. And then they'll throw it up against you. You gave me a really honest answer a couple weeks ago. I asked you about Van Dyck. In Miami, and you were cool. But I'm only going to talk to God. I was supposed to be a first round because everybody has said everybody. It's the first round pick at some point. But you gave a very honest objective response. I feel like it's my job to make sure that I'm giving the honest answers and not trying to sell somebody because it's not fair to the young man. It's not fair to the process. So I mean, Anthony Richardson coming into the year. Everyone was talking about if he has a great season. He could be a top 15 pick, right? And he hasn't had a great season. He struggled. He had that first great game against Utah. And the hype train started. And everyone was going to be a top ten pick. And maybe he's the first overall pick. He's that talented. But you've got to look at. I mean, he completed 33 passes coming into the season. He had started two games. You've got to play the game in Tyler Van Dyke played a lot last year, but it was in a different system, and now he's adjusting the system. So their first round talents. But I feel like it's my responsibility to make sure people understand, just because you have the talent doesn't mean you're ready. We'll levis is ready because he has the talent and he's mature enough and he's played a lot of ball. Let me ask you about another quarterback who's in the conversation all the time about everything. And there's still doubters. Stetson Bennett. He's I've talked to a scout this week who actually said, you know what? Coming into the year based off of last year's tape, 7th round, free agent, just, you know, I love the way he plays. And I love all that. And he said, watching this first few weeks and I know he has so much more talent around him than the opponent, but he's playing different. He's bigger, he's stronger. He's more aggressive. He's more decisive, and it looks like he said, I haven't seen him live yet, but it looks like the ball has a little bit more juice to it. And so I love players like that who have kind of fought

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