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Socks. That's the beauty of being a fan of anything rally and i was a fan of takeover. This weekend i thought it was an excellent show. I thought it it. It's maintaining that steady wave of of takeovers. You know you felt it. I feel like it stand and deliver the last one where it felt like okay. We're getting back to real takeover. We're getting back to take over being special. And i felt that strongly on this show. You know. I thought that opening up. And i talked about it a little bit on the pre show and that's true how i felt about it that the winner take all six men while i would have loved llegado to take it as a fan because i love i mean i love guided el fantasma and yeah escobar is my favorite my favorite guy next season. My favorite so. He's the best. But i think a watching that you go. There's this concern you know when you got guys like to moscow champa and gone. Oh and kyle o'reilly adam cole. And guys that have been an annex t for a while you're going is next. He evolving as quickly as it used to. Is he going to continue to have the turnaround did they have become known to have. The answer is yes because when you look at that opening match that's the tag championship and the north american championship. And everyone in match has only become a major star. Next t in the last year so bronson read had just broke through. Bronson read was one of those guys where always going to be on takeover. That's going to be an interesting experiment. I'll put them in a multimillion mantra. We'll do this. He finally got his hands on the north american championship. And i feel like they. They feel like annex t is finally turned him in to what they were going for. You know he's just that introductory level and msk the same way man mlk showed up and it was like i was saying who are these guys not like. I've never heard them. Obviously they came from impact but like as characters what is msk and over the months not years months that they've been in annex t. I've been like okay get it. I'm a fan and they've injected life into the tag division. They've made it something fresh. They've made it something different and the storage llegado is done and what. They did for the cruiserweight championship. I think can't be overstated. So seeing both titles defended in a match with six people were new and fresh and and and just have guides have potential in front of him. I thought it was a real good sign for an t same thing with mercedes martinez anxiety. I thought that that again. All this stuff is just a symbolic of everything that is going to be doing. As the brand moves forward. I thought it was a very good sign For me in terms of great matches the women's championship matches really good. Amber moon had an amazing showing. And you know raquel gonzalez gonzalez. I think is great. You know i think now is the time. Did they've got to get in front of bigger crowds because we have to hear if the audience is reacting to recall gonzalez delay. She's being portrayed on tv. No brand has put forward more new stars then an x. t. has i mean even during the pre show and i know they're doing during the main show too but i heard it during the pre show when one of the i think it was baraza or a arash i don't remember which one picked bronson reading msk. Who were the good guys to win. It was booze. people were chanting. Leg ido leg ido lake mean. They're gonna figure it real quickly real quickly when they get back into arenas to do takeover they are going to figure out that santos escobar is a main event baby face today santos escobar think about dementia with carrying cross today nine a year not in a month today. Santos escobar is a main event. Good guy and he doesn't have to leave llegado behind the llegado act can be a good guy act and should be a good guy. Don't think that he should leave. Llegado behind at all. But i absolutely santos escobar is a main event. Good guy he he is. And i think you're gonna see that once you're back in front of crowds. You know i'm interested to see how crowds react to rick. How are they behind. Rick i think they will be. But they weren't there for her ascension. That's the thing about the stars in annex t generally speaking fans feel like they were a part of it. Johnny gargano rise. Adam kohl's rise all this stuff fans feel like they were part of it also important to know a lot of the stars in annex t fans feel like they were a part of it because they were part of it. Also outside of annex. T kevin owens fin valor. And i'm coal johnny gargano. All the time to moscow champa all superstars that fans were a part of their rise outside of annex. T getting them to samoa. Joe all of them. So it's like we're kalugin. Zala is one of these champions. That was not was created within annex. T. and it's not to say that doesn't work because it has worked. And i think it will work but i'm interested to see where fans out with her right now..

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