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Check it out today. Good morning at 7 28 for traffic and weather on the AIDS. Jack Taylor standing by in the traffic center. We'll start in buoy on 50 both directions between 3301 and 1. 97 eastbound. We've had a large slab of concrete and a bunch of vehicles a dozen or so plus on shoulders. The damaged tires. Unfortunately, flat tires. The collar had described a slab of concrete that lifted the car off the road way. There was equipment that showed up to assist on the westbound side. That was also along the left side. Hopefully, their lanes were open. But you may find the left side still blocked on 50 eastbound as you ride past 1 97 toward three and 301 high 95 come in south pounds a mess out of Baltimore. Crash reported to be down here. I won 95 unclear left to right side, though, but it is causing a big slow down. There's been a couple issues on I 70 westbound near Twentynine Ellicott City reported crash. Accident activity. Eastbound was after Maryland 97 exit 76. The left lane had been blocked. That may be put onto the shoulder to seventies looking good South coming out of Frederick all the way to the lane. Divide topside, outer lips, those New Hampshire River toward Georgia in a loop that looks good college park all the way down toward Oxon Hill should buy nothing in your way along the way. So just be aware you'll also find in Greenbelt westbound breeze would drive near Edmonston Road. There'd been an earlier crash. Now there was a hiccup on the Beltway in Annandale, Virginia. Inter loop before 2 36. I think your broken down vehicles been moved over safely to the shoulder Bull run post office Road south of 29 in Centerville. You're under police direction when vehicle there's off the roadway. 95 remains delayed. Dale City often on riding through Lauren and Newington, 3 95 that looks good. Springfield North little delay passing Duke Street, then again to get up on two. The 14th Street bridge in the district Northeast, hopefully cleared seventh Street near Franklin Street. There'd been the earlier crash We know Beach drive is blocked between the Rock Creek Parkway in Porter Street again today till 5 p.m. with big tree removal project on the rails. Amtrak train 1 72 Experiencing DeLay departure at a D. C because of equipment issues and very Fredericksburg line, train, 306. Arrived into Franconia, Springfield late, it was following a slow moving Amtrak train. Mercedes Benz the best or nothing. Visit mbusa dot com or your local dealership to schedule a test drive today. Jack Taylor. W T o p Traffic, not a storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter. Some clouds isn't fog this morning, then partly sunny highs in the low to mid seventies. Mostly cloudy tonight lows in the upper fifties Low sixties..

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