Senator David Purdue, Donald Trump, Roosevelt Institute discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Brooklyn USA on the program today. My Concept Director Progressive Thought at the Roosevelt Institute on what should be in phase for and whether we can get it then we will talk to. John Nichols The Nation magazine from Wisconsin. The epicenter of an election travesty. Meanwhile phase three of the stimulus is in shambles. Right now for anyone who is not a massive corporation knives out in the White House. Is someone leaks a Navarro January memo warning of a pandemic but nobody knew and surprise surprise. Donald Trump has a vested interest in the hydro oxy chloroquine companies and Republican. Senator David Purdue is the latest to be revealed as profiting off of the Secret Corona Virus Intel briefing. Tyson closes a pork processing. Factory in grocery workers are infected. How will we provide goods and services going forward? Johnson is in the ICU. Foreign Minister has been deputized. An early data showed that African Americans are contracting and dying of Corona virus at an incredibly elevated rate. Lastly scotus expands lease stopping powers. If you're driving all this and more on today's.

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