Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA


The U. S. Supreme Court delivers a long awaited and welcome reprieve to data hundreds of thousands of young immigrants in a ruling that for now shields those who were brought here illegally as children from being deported they include many healthcare workers now on the front lines of the fight against corona virus like jewels which tell you I'm happy I'm super excited I think you know I think I can do what I what I love to do what I wanted in my life the High Court determine the trump administration acted arbitrarily in trying to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program NPR's Carrie Johnson says today's ruling came down to a five to four vote Chief Justice John Roberts and the high court's four liberal justices have handed the trump administration a major defeat the court majority says the decision to wind down daca three years ago he is subject to judicial review and the rationale offered by the homeland security department failed to consider key aspects of the program nearly six hundred fifty thousand people commonly known as dreamers have one temporary relief from deportation under daca the program allows them to work and go to school if they meet certain requirements and pass a background check many of them have gone on to work in healthcare in the legal profession and have given birth to their own children in the United

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