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The air and motion over the c fill the swilling sales and drive heavily laden ships from these instances and the reasons given a man with wings large enough and duly connected might learn to overcome the resistance of the air and by concrete succeeded in subjugating it and rising above jesus really was such a genius with at work no not that design but it wasn't his final attempt at a flight machine sometime from fourteen to eight fourteen ninety leonardo's the sketches the design for a double decker bridge surprisingly modern it recalls the function of bridges in some modern metropolises where the two way flow of traffic arranged on different levels leonardo's doesn't mention what this was actually four but it is clear that it is a way of organizing to circulation system in such a way that doesn't create traffic jams or obstructions <hes> while da vinci was inventing cars planes tanks bridges and fucking cities he was also still into painting leonardo would paint is famous lady with an remain remain from four hundred eighty nine to fourteen ninety and by the way is a cute little short tailed white weasel their tiny less than a pound. One leonardo's notebooks was a competitive animals where where he made notes about different species and of the earning he wrote the out of moderation never eats but once a day and it would rather let itself be captured by hunters then take refuge in a dirty layer in order not to stain its purity and it is thought he included an image of this creature with the subject of the portrait identified cecilia got out get around to symbolize symbolize her purity which is funny because this portrait is probably painted a time when she was demilitarized mistress of the duke of milan leonardo was being paid to serve so the purity not of mistress slightly ironic <hes> the painting is one of only four female portraits painted by leonardo the others being mona lisa the portrait of gin gin goddamn. I'm that falcons. Ginny is one of the only word that comes up all the time this sucks. I didn't look at the pronunciation for guinevere. Whatever debenture and a long word it is displayed by the <hes> oh jesus christ displayed by the star tortoise ski museum in krakow poland and it is cited the museum guide is the first truly modern portrait. It's been in poland since seventeen ninety eight and if you're surprised polling our don't be remember polish people people can't read so they love pictures why said cited and the museum guide as the first truly modern portrait of a moment ago. I didn't mean it was written. I meant to polish museum guide points inside it and yells. That's part of lady de vinci. Did it longtime ago. He does it every thirty seconds every two hours. He's given a sausage as a reward aleppo's. If you polish hackers as i make fun of you for your limitations when i can barely say so many words fourteen eighty nine.

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