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Exactly it's clearly influenced by what weimar republic yes but and that was why i didn't like it i'm fine with that i'm fine with all the boxes that are checks with inclusion diversity and all that stuff that makes it sound like i'm not but i am trust me but i just i like some of the characters but i didn't really care about anything that was happening in it which is a problem when you're reading a book that you don't really care like i liked the cyril and i thought he was interesting relationship with the the cabaret person but i didn't really care about what happened to him and if i think you're interesting but i don't care what's happening it it doesn't make it a compelling read for me yeah there's there's stuff about it there's like details the stuff the other thing that bothered me about it in in terms of the writing because i think i think the writing was shaky i think the characters are are clearly drawn and the relationships are clearly drawn but i think some of the writing style just didn't work for me like i said i think the opening is very hard to get through where she is trying to set up all of these characters and their relationships and it's a mess i mean just to be frank about it like i almost abandoned it and our friend antony johnston said i give everything one hundred pages and then if it's not working for me i toss it and i was about sixty pages in at that point and i said all right i'll give it one hundred pages and by the time i got one hundred pages i kept reading i was like all right it's starting to come together now but boy.

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