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A little bit slow as you make your way along with all Rogers in the Dallas area both directions really between about pearl street and the west it with KLIF right now traffic of Michael Scott mostly cloudy and humid this afternoon a slight chance of some isolated showers and thunderstorms mainly to the south east of the metroplex our high today in the upper eighties widely scattered showers and storms this evening seventy four rain again tomorrow and tomorrow night or high tomorrow around eighty nine degrees with the humidity is gonna feel like it's a ninety six partly cloudy breezy warm and humid on Saturday with a high near ninety one. full coverage of the twenty twenty election morning nine to noon. on real news and information five seventy K. ally yeah he does for work it's Rick Dees here for Zipcar watchin for limited time my friends it zips are willing to give you one four zip zero nada all you do is go to Zipcar watch dot com download the zipped out the kiddos are back in school it's a very very busy time of year so you should do business with people who value your time and call the punctual plumber Benjamin Franklin plumbing whether you have a leaky faucet a broken toilet or need new water heaters the plumbers of Benjamin Franklin plumbing will be there when they say they will be there guess what they will pay you five dollars a minute for every minute they are late up to a three hundred dollar maximum and they don't want to pay out that money to you so you know they're going to show up during the month of September Benjamin Franklin plumbing will take fifty dollars off of any plumbing repair and a Benjamin Franklin plumbing they're focused.

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