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Mike Jackson outdoors Sunday mornings eight to nine AM I'm smart talk WCG AM and FM do not wait until his flight hit the ground before he lit a joint on a flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis and locked himself inside the plane's lavatory hold on maybe it wasn't the blood that was making him so nuts he blamed it on being on out of his mind on cocaine bonus he threatened to kill the flight crew so I guess he won't be flying the friendly skies anytime soon. an American tourist in Tanzania is dead just minutes after proposing to his girlfriend on the other side of the glass of the couple's underwater hotel room Steven Weber without snorkeler tank dove in the water outside of manta hotel on Pemba island presenting a ring in his nose to his girlfriend connection who said yes that was the one she saw Stephen him swimming back toward the surface local authorities are investigating what appears to be an accidental drowning. a fifth grader in Washington state is being called a hero for recognizing that his school bus driver was drunk the boy first call his mom describing the driver's condition mom confirmed his fears yeah the driver should be driving the kids said that the bus driver ran a number of red lights the forty eight year old was later arrested after successfully making all for stops. a California woman struggling to push her baby stroller got in on one a bit of help from to Bakersfield police officers who when I actually tried to push it and couldn't just like the woman realize that the extremely heavy baby was actually six thousand dollars worth of quarters that are non mom had just recently stolen from a nearby house. bonus the woman had missed a number of court appearances and was carrying math math right surprise. finally a Florida woman on tour in Louisiana has been cited for biting the private parts of the camel that had sat on top of her outside of a small town gas station the dromedary on display in Iberville parish was provoked after the woman's husband through a dog treat into the habitat into which of course their dog ran the woman chasing after the dog was then sat on by Casper the camel and did what she thought she had to do the old boys all boys were right there so she chomped down. a couple days a couple of misdemeanor charges cast with camel was not seriously hurt think you've got a good.

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