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That he can consider whether digital perjury charges. False statements perjury. How many false statements is Adam Schiff made how many times has he leaked we notice within within seconds of a closed door hearing about the so-called Russian collusion that Robert Mueller hasn't been able to two years despite spending thirty million dollars within seconds of the closed door hearing what happens the testimony by people such as Donald Trump junior is leaked to the press. Of course, by who none other than Adam Schiff, how about investigating Adam Schiff Democrats won't do it. So perhaps the alleged Republicans in the Senate would like to investigate miss the Schiff that would be useful use of our time and money, but we shall see. I went to play this last week. But, but we couldn't there was just so much news on Friday with the shutdown being cancelled temporarily, of course, and with the Rajasthan arrests, but I have to play this audio of the new legislation that New York's state has signed that governor Cuomo has signed which allows you to things number one to abort a human child in the womb right up to the date. It was supposed to be delivered naturally. And Secondly, this is this is the more Hino. See I mean, that's already infanticide. An eight and a half month old baby. That's totally viable now. If the baby is meant to be aborted, but survives some kind of birth event. The New York state legislation basically allows the non doctors who are present. You don't even need a doctor to allow that child to die outside the womb? By not helping it that that's that is killing children. It's outside of the womb is a child. And they can leave it to die. I want you to hear the audio from the New York Senate when that law was voted in and then signed by governor Cuomo. Let's go to cut five..

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