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Surf. Yeah that look at that lens. Snell lens would be appel drone. It's true if only a guy named snell had Up with your so good at that seeing pailin drums ever see. It's really a evolutionary biology provided that skill to our hunter gatherer. Ancestors if you can see if you can see a and rome in the wild right think about how much easier that makes foraging for food. Yeah about how many puns. You could come up with sitting around the prehistoric campfire. A you and i've been on a cruise ship together but have you ever spent any other time at sea. Not that much antarctica as you know right and that's a long choppy voyage so that was about about two weeks about Not that much time at seattle of next to the sea for most of my life right. Is that stolen valor. No i mean. I think growing up in the north west. You have a if you were here before. It became just a tech hub. We were much more connected to the sea. Don't you feel like in the in our childhoods. Yeah you would. You could see the you could hear the sound. yeah boats. Boats played a bigger part in the. Yeah regular people here have little sailboats. Yeah you you heard the foghorns. You heard the leg horns here on the ferry a lot. I mean. I guess you could still be on the ferry a lot.

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