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Even have to go anywhere to do it right you can say that the government accountability office estimated that a total cost could be honest a few years i let me finish your three point two billion or the air for sense also said it could be caught one point six five billion to spend between twenty fifteen in twenty nineteen you can do it all it's not it's not hard worker in it right here were simply saying if you're making an accusation and then you're trying to say the bowens putting one over on you which can affect their stock drastically you need to back it up but that particular point what suns their about that statement because my first reaction truck was that okay he's on to something here and i'm concerned as the taxpayer which i should be because it was and it was meant to being alarming and it was but i didn't have any answers and i needed some variation actual a what he may be the two which is good for the scot interim starter and frankly there are so many other important things but he's got to play one on on on still big still make not like so it's possible to but you know responsibility to provide the facts teammate it he was maybe he made it important by tweeting it i mean that's so he would have waited we didn't bring it up he provided on but this show and started and that's so we know you this so that's that's all the responsibility that he has is if he can you know how to fall no it's just that right now he's got a lot more important other things to do fans this is just the of them in a for a up look we're going to have to follow content thanks.

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