Arsenal's Terrible Day



Leboeuf Shack Hissel and Craig Burley with Craig. Let's start showing with to city against also. It went pretty much exactly as you would expect it to. Well Yeah McCullough. Expecting such Leandra and bring David Luiz on, but you know dovid Louise was form. It was a sham books Listen I. Don't think this would been macchia game to be quite frank. Eleven v Eleven I think it was heading. That way anyway has mistaken any sending all just optional. Final Nail Nicole Fan. We said it before the lockdown to. Red in the face off no need. A massive overhaul got some good young kids wrote some decent young kids become law deadwood they're. Dead Wood on big money and tetter at needs to get a heck of a job. He's gotten his hands. Talk to me about victories. Well, it's it's. It's sad. Because when you're a defender, you don't WanNa. See that say so pulling in another way because we know that concede for penalties and was in you is the most player was involving bigger zeroes in? Enduring during the premier league season, so you Saad and now I was rather talk about the Brune was read the man of the match, but it's true that he made two big mistakes were alone Manchester your city to score two goals and I think he doesn't see a stunning. He made the hour. We can see him turning and realizing that. Rhyme sterling just beyond him. I always thought that the. Devotees was a good player. A great player, but none of defender is is is a midfield player. It doesn't want to make sure that. You defend well first, and then you think about enjoying life. It's it's. It's what you have to do I. Function when your defender. You make sure you clear. The books need to play with the ball. Saka it. How would you feel if? Teammate, considering you comes on, and does all of this. I really don't know at. This discussion about about Louis well, if not every weekend. To. Protect. It was an opportunity for him. You lose to play through injury. No you stabbed Lewis comes in and does as he does. I can say tongue-in-cheek, maybe Louise not being available for the next three weeks kind of balancing out because he's been that poor at least i. Wouldn't have to answer to those upstairs as to why he's leaving DABID Luigia, manny to call on on some of the is young and up and coming players, but it's not the started also wanted surprise surprise. You have to put this behind. You somehow asked on are leaving everybody scratching and scratching their heads as their how they can be this. Let let that Don. Let. Let's cut through most of here. David Luiz. Full. Right back the problem Moustapha. Football Club was an argument to say shock should fit because not good enough, also just about to get to shift that football club, but some clone give him a three hundred thousand plus a week contract. Right for a guy who's been liability. By signs the mid by decisions. Right that's the bottom line, young and experienced manager WHO's been in the game a long time, but not in management and he's left with us. And he's going to be questioned. And Haste. Underline. I mean what the Hell was wrong. I mean it's essentially again. He's carrying a knock against it, but is he not a better option as good as catchy as a youngster? Is he a better option to be playing from the star? All these decisions football club need to be questioned, but Davidge and There was a story. Lose? A story twenty four hours ago. This is incredible. The Artisanal wanted to begin David Luiz in new contracts in them as a role model sit, there was a key part of helping. Just incredible, just incredible. They're not a bad word. Apples and deadwood. Sorry, they have this football club, and until the psalter until the alter the nothing more than mid table, mediocrity cranky mention. Arteta said after the game his decision not to include him in the squad tactical. I mean I've never heard anything so stupid. Normal life apart from that alarm going off the driving whoever that is. I just don't get I just don't it's not? Yes he wasn't going to play. Say and in a nutshell tells the story, right? Play, but at least if you've got a guy who can potentially change game if arsenal where to hold, it is zero zero for seventy five minutes or something like that that you could bring on, and he can maybe open the door, so don't tell me it's tactical. You making yourself look stupid, right? It's not tactical is a waste of space these days right but. But. They've lumbered themselves with this player. I would prefer of Mykola out and said you know what I'm not GonNa get from our tests or what I need, so if left him in London of left them. They are rather bring the kids. I would respect more. He said that, but don't come out and tell his AAC tactical because that's nonsense

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