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Businesses for their communities. And look maybe clearly. It's it's what is being employed by the governor's office right now is sort of onto a lot of these decisions until they make the decision but that puts a lot of folks who are out there At at the mercy of those decisions and they all what i keep hearing over and over and over from people who look. I just wanted to know what the rules are. And i want to be able to plan. I wanna be able to make sure that. I can clearly communicate to to my staff to my patients to whomever what the plan is. And the plan over the last two weeks has gotten messy and because of that. There's going to be undermining in the process itself. And that's unfortunate. We'll talk about the vaccination problems here in just a moment. Chris but i learned. I was talking with a restaurant owner. Who has been following all of these. These guidelines have been paying close attention to what the colorado restaurant association has been saying. And now he just and for me that any of the restaurants who had applied for the five star program the variants and was operating under. Let's say level orange. When they're county was level read now that their whole entire county has been bumped up to level orange. The restaurants still have to even even under the five star program have to operate under level. Orange that talk about undermining. It's undermining the the five star program as well. Yeah and that's i think that's where things got messy This idea that we're going to have a pretty clear color coded system and people could get. Even when purple was added it was a dial metric and all of a sudden you introduce a completely new metric with a five star various program and it just becomes confusing most people. Don't pay attention to this I've nerd it out on this stuff over the last few months is we we as you know and i think i think what i struggle with is like what point did the five star issue become the other metric that wasn't just in accounting or two.

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