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Hate actors joining me. Is Caleb Stratton chief resilience officer for the city of Hoboken High Kayla to the podcast? Hey thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. So you're coming on as part of this conversation. I'm having with Shalini and so we wanted to hear a little bit more about what's going on hoboken but what do you do though? I as the chief resilience officer for the city there. What is that role? Mien so my responsibilities are to manage our adaptation projects and help align the money that we're spending in the city with risk reduction goals and to do that by doing these projects trying to realize multiple uses through our intervention soda. Example of that is project the main Shalini about witches are North West Park roximately in eighty million dollar project will redoing subsurface storage for stormwater reducing flood risk residual abyss in the area around the park but also producing new amenity for the community so was Hurricane Sandy. Really to do this or was this already in the works absolutely. It actually goes back one year prior hurricane Irene in the city was a consequential rain event. I WANNA say lose with multiple feet of water on the western side of the city is a picture of like a Houston esque flood event. And that got everyone's attention in that started. What is part of our Comprehensive Water Management Strategy? That started our delay store discharge projects which are making more capacity in our sewer system providing pumps to pump water when necessary and then also Keeping water out of our sewer system. Okay so I just I guess to give people a visual. What happened during hurricane? Sandy though I wasn't much more consequential event I mean. The city was under water right so I really had multiple feet of water in certain maligning areas of the city. Sandy was a catastrophic eighty percent of the one mile square city of hoboken flooded out power for a couple of weeks. Irene got the city's attention. Sandy cemented the fact that we need to bend the will and the ability of local government to reducing risks in these areas between two thousand eleven. Two thousand twelve this. We.

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