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Is 95% effective. Coming up. You'll hear what that might mean, especially at a time when the number of coronavirus cases is going through the roof. Then later today at 1 30 on KCRW. This week on the business in 2018 Nathan Grossman started filming a young, completely unknown climate activist who ended up leading a global movement. Grossman was there when gratitude, Berg started protesting climate change. Sitting on the sidewalk outside the Swedish Parliament. He's documented her rise to international icon in his new film. I am Greta. We followed him because she met with world leaders like the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and he tagged along went to Bergman, a harrowing journey from Sweden to New York in a very small boat for anyone watches the filament. I remember Someone showed it to a very important financier and Hollywood on the only comment that came was like I'm getting nor ships of the of the kind of I'm getting seasick as by watching this. Nathan Grossman, director of I Am Greta today at 1 30 on the business. Gonna be mostly sunny today. Highs near 80 the beach mid eighties to about 90 in the valleys right now in downtown Los Angeles at 63 degrees 58 in Van Nuys, 37 Lancaster. And 63 in Santa Barbara. So poor train PR comes from NPR stations and from the Kauffman Foundation, working together with communities to break down barriers and prepare all people for success in their jobs.

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