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And unrelated companies pay greg matsick at the johnson bank sports desk gene sent me highgrade hello john fru as begin post all star break play on friday at home against philadelphia table have a light workout at newark tomorrow members of a five and a half game cushion over chicago in st louis atop the nl surge israel ottey stay there play by play their jeff levering weighed in on wisconsin's morning news starring vin great who are we going and even know all graded be nearing their burn earn back of better they're starting her comeback for life and and and and you you be really good also on friday the cubs begin a series of the road against the orioles while the cardinals travel to pittsburgh to play the pirates former badgers guard bronze and caning making news of the all season with became the bucks firstever twoway contract player me meeting kaley will spend the majority of next season with the g league affiliate wisconsin heard in happy to give to stay at his home state pretty much ideal fit for me a specially now being drafted get you wait a with a box and adequate me being a very good shooter the great for what milwaukee and hopefully i can indeed learn as much as mir cricket pot on in our work my way out qena give las vegas for the buck summer league tournament play begins tonight at seven thirty against the sacramento kings and finally the packers stand to benefit greatly from the rams in chargers relocated to los angeles sort this out over the next eleven years the twenty nine non relocating deems of the nfl will receive fifty five point two million dollars all told the charges of will each pay six hundred forty five billion dollars lie other teams in the league holy oh thank you so much greg the trump administration leaking like a seeking rowboat what should be done to the people who are the leakers jeff wagner discusses at nine thirty five tomorrow morning kabir said no we've talked a lot on the show about grocery market wars and what's going on and how terrible mayer is and all that sort things brennan's market longtime store chain is closing its doors suffering from declining sales and fierce competition all five brennan's markets will close at the end of.

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