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That's a lot of people waiting on Line I. Don't know how long that takes, but it takes a while. I think the difference between the bucks and the chargers. The chargers like need. Tom Brady to sell tickets. The bucks just need someone to be good to sell tickets. I think people. They were really low in attendance last year. I think it's mostly because everyone. James and they're done with it. It's like the Mario Tennessee like. Fatigue like we're not getting where we want to get with our guy right so already. Thousands of season ticket orders I think at least the Glazer's can be happy about that. About that veteran newsman, John Goulet well. That's the news. Thanks for stopping by. Heard. I've Todd Furman I'm told is going to be joining us next from. We're going to check into Las Vegas. So Todd GonNa join us a casinos role shutdown What can you bet on now? A UFC fight curling. Are the draft bats. Mall, asking, be sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern not am Pacific. On Fox sports radio address, one and the iheartradio APP right, welcome back. By the way this just in from Ian Rapoport, somebody I trust a veteran reporter. The chargers they're not going for Cam. Newton either they are going to go. With tyrod, Taylor and draft a quarterback now tyrod total pro. He's like Teddy Bridgewater you put them in the room. He's Alex. Smith total pro respected can win you games. Probably not somebody you're going. Give a fortune to, but the chargers they're. They liked their culture and They're gonna go with tyrod Taylor and draft a quarterback, so they're not interested in cam either standards for years. The Fan boys in the media like Cam Newton way more than all the GM's. I've ever talked to cams a lot of work a lot of stuff you don't know about. There's no market for him. There's Chicago could had him. chargers could add him Tampa him. Nobody wants him totally distracted. This is a Colin was right next week next Monday. Todd Furman lock it in a CO founder a bet, the board pod. Is joining us from Las. Vegas first of all the casinos close at what time today todd like five or six. Everything shut down short order calling in I've been out here for fifteen years never imagined a day where the casinos were completely shut down and he'd be able to walk anywhere. You want on Las Vegas Boulevard..

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