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Never looked back. He never looked to Aaron Rodgers. He thought it was a run the whole way. So I am Rogers on a busted play finds a way to get the first down. Good heads up play there. 187 yards on the ground for the Packers. Rogers under center Paul spotted to the 46 1st intent and off goes to Jones up the center. On. He runs into a couple of campers and they will drop him right around midfield gain of about 3 to 4 yards there. 6 31 O'clock Rolls Packers lead the league in time of possession. They leave this game 21 13. All spotted in the 49. So it'll be second down and seven for Rogers and company has had a modest A passing here, Sean 17 of 25 for only 117 yards. Yeah, not a lot of splash plays and really their bubble screens tonight have been well defended by Carolina Shotgun snap blitzes. Auntie grows near left side looking for Adam's but a little off incomplete wide to the boundary with Miles Hartsfield sweeping in flag down. Referee Alex Kemp. Looking to the sideline, wants to get work for the Panthers and They want to do with the upcoming penalty. That rule, signaling he wants to decline it. Illegal shift offense to men moving at the same time and you didn't get reset penalties declined third down. We'll force the third down instead. Here, the booze, the crowd by the way. 250 health care employees, first responders and their families thanked an honored here tonight. 603 to go in this fourth quarter 21 to 13. I want to thank you see a big down like this for the Packers, considering the game start. Motion from W 3rd and 70 yards. Scheinman Field trips near left single back right low snap out of the gun. Rogers has a wide open target. Crossing out of this army tries to hurtle trade Boston and he gets stood up mid air. They took the leg and drop him at the 30. I think John crease might have thought that tackling but that's good for the first looked like It was straight out of Cobra Kai right there. Sweep the leg. Johnny Allen, the czar..

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