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The hopes of the blooming young population from an awardwinning young actor in akra it's been challenging it's a man's industries a man's world to startup entrepreneur in abajian i'll be reporting on how young people hope to change their fortunes and find jobs commerce business daily after this latest world news bbc news with debbie russ the european union has said britain can count on its support as it responds to a nerve agent attack on its soil the uk has said it was highly likely russia was responsible the european commissioner valdis dombrovskis said the e you would show solidarity with britain moscow has denied accusations that it was involved in the attack on a former double agent sergei scruple and his daughter yulia a british government minister told the bbc the country was considering a wide range of sanctions against moscow to singaporean companies have denied accusations in a leaked un report that they violated sanctions on north korea the two firms were alleged to have sold luxury goods to the north including wines and spirits as recently as last year a plan for a takeover of the american computer chip company qualcomm by a singaporebased rival has been halted by president trump he put it down to security concerns the rival broadcom says this no such risk south african court has temporarily blocked plans by the power company eskom to sign twentyseven renewable energy deals unions argue they would lead to the closure of coal fired plants putting thirty thousand jobs at risk and pushing up prices the american defense secretary jim mattis is in afghanistan and previously unannounced visit he told reporters there were signs that some members of the taliban were interested in talks with the afghan government the gulf state of kasa is to screen all adults for type two diabetes almost one in five people there have the condition which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack and is a major cause of blindness thieves have stolen an ancient shark's tooth from a world heritage site in western australia the eight centimetre tooth came from the giant michael jordan species which is believed to have died at around two and a half million years ago it disappeared from the remote ning golic coast national park bbc news hello and welcome to a.

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