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Do you think that they have to lay the name from nabisco do you think that the pain of his good eased or your name you know i was wondering about that because it's definitely a trade mark but i i mean this is a question for the lawyers this is above our pay grade so i recently got an amazon dot which is like the mini version of the echo probably or listening to this on your alexa device right now most likely so i've been playing around with the different skills that they have because i've been very curious spout hey what does this have to offer and i have compiled a list of what i think are the seventeen a skills that are completely useless and don't need to exist on the other hand some of them actually slightly cool but i'd like to tell you about a few of these things please there's one that just called chicken nuggets and you just say alexa how many chicken nuggets should i order and it just it tells you there's a lot of uh the skills that are just like animal facts but like very specific animal facts that there's one called you'll facts i was like you'll facts give me an email fact here's your fact the electric he'll is a south american freshwater fish found mainly in the amazon river basin the electric charge charges produced by special organs along the sides at the ills and here's a really weird one that i think is actually kind of super cool i haven't seen the movie dunkirk yet but there is an alexa skull for it and it's actually a really cool it's like a choose your own adventure were you for tender in the movie slash war in gun kirk and it's actually like it's a really cool audio game to play and although i believe it doesn't need to exist um i wish i recommend checking this when outs kind of weird and cool food for these stories and more download the buzzfeed news app.

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