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I agree with you, even when you know, they're and I feel the same way about seasons that don't end up the way you'd hope because there's been enough cub seasons where they're mathematically eliminated by June. Where I'm like, listen, it was a fun ride. They kept us interested in excited and in it for the entire season that first round exit doesn't hurt as much that kind of thing. I tend to try to be more positive because when you've got like the bulls right now where there's no reason to watch joke of a team, then then you start to. Appreciate the teams that gives you good ride for the whole season. Oh, less they Ziya Williamson. And then, you know, but it's all worth it. Let's talk about the bulls. We mentioned this earlier, but teams are firing coaches that give them their best record in fifteen years or firing coaches that everybody said he didn't seem like he was the guy for the job. Anyway, meanwhile, the bulls and John Paxson gar Forman. Who are definitely possessing? Some kind of dirt on bowls ownership because those guys do not continue to get re upped over and over and over and over and over again without proven themselves one iota unless they've got some sort of dirt on bulls ownership, but those two guys continue to inexplicably promise things that are unnecessary to promise. Give out extensions that are not yet required. And basically torched the hopes in sync dreams of anybody who wants to root for that team again. And they did it again today by essentially saying we're finalizing and almost certainly going to extend Jim Boylan. Years in our reaction to that was this. Yeah. Have you have you like me given up on the idea that this team will be anything until that front office changes? No, I think this team will be exactly what it is dinner theatre for people in this city who want to win a Big Mac, if they score one hundred points and more asking the glory of what was go there and be in the building that Jordan did his thing in, but it's a fantastic product to like the in house on the basketball part. That probably isn't. But the in house. House environment. Listen this four three Bill, Sarah. Like, I started covering this team when Jamal Crawford was drafted. We're talking about eighteen years ago, and since then we've had Jamal Crawford. Jay Williams, Kirk Hinrich, we've had Kirk Howard. Ben, Gordon, Liu all dang, we've had a spinal tap. All dang we where they kind of blamed him for for being soft after he got tiny. Yeah. Yeah. My viral meningitis for dude who's dying on a hospital bed. Then when Derrick rose they get the number one pick. They luck into that. They draft aarc rose dare because outstanding. And then they they have problems communicating with their star. After an injury blame everything on him joking. No was was was not very happy at the end of his tenure here. Because of the sideways way, they were talking about him behind his back and then Jimmy Butler comes of age where he is told is okay to usurp the authority of a coach in top. They widow that. He would eventually go play for again in Minnesota. They hire Fred Hoiberg to be something for at Hobart was exactly who Fred Hoiberg has always been throughout his playing and coaching career. And that wasn't good enough. They sank in salted one Vinnie donate grow after yanking his tie like over and over and over and over and over again. The bulls franchise has been mishandled by the same two or three people. And in the end, it really doesn't matter because they've got enough water carriers locally here in the city and nationally the not relevant enough anymore. Anybody to put any is on. So it was a bulls fan. I'm just sitting here treading water hoping that that one day they can draft a Colli Leonard or somebody like that in in the middle of the the lottery and the strike gold. But until then it'll be another rebuild of players that are just good enough to make sure that you don't get the top pick overall. Have you ever heard of a guy named brawl Atkins? Raleigh Raleigh Atkins. You Clearly clearly have. haven't since I don't know his name and he's in. It's a game for this. Listen, I don't wanna dog could play..

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