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And and so forth so i really think that's a that's a huge huge thing that that people can do and you know we're always looking to foster more clubs in this is such a great area northern virginia and like this this is one of those places where if you build it for sure they will of course yeah it's gonna be it'd be huge here for sure and if someone wanted to like have you like for a seminar come out for like a three day seminars on how do they contact what's the best way to contact you best way to contact knees by email and you can reach me off of our website tar heel canine dot com the about us page has all the trainers emails on there and mine is there as well mine is j bradshaw at tar heel canine t a r h e l c n i n e dot com email me directly with whatever your ask is and i'll be happy to to answer and then you know if you go on for other people looking for other information on tar heel canine dot com we have immediate area that has all my training articles at a publishing various magazines and so forth are on their about you know 'obedient tracking by work you know all the stuff that we do both in psa and then in the training is on there for free all his articles or or able to be accessed through the web site so yeah you know i encourage people to check us out and and and shoot some emails to me if they're interested in any seminars we cannot we can definitely help set it up and especially if it's like as seminars you know we divvy those out to a lot of the people that are in nps as so we can set you up with somebody if i'm not available somebody else's available that can come out to a great seminar for you and help you move your sport programs forward oracle it will put all those links comment section blow when it's up so what do you have going on nick why had a supposed to leave at the end of this month to do a new zealand seminar for a family out in their two dogs out new zealand but they had some stuff come up so they had to push that back until all.

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