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The me. Y'all blaming furious. Believe me look show on large. Show it to us but put it up to the mic so that we can hear it in there to a mongolian goat singing. Discover the up. 'bout goats at their got their plane. Dj they're fucking hunt. How'd you discover this This is on school. Yeah no andre for some solid teams to play missing nessie while a while. I talked about their Whatever she was going go shit shit. Yeah so part of our goat research Put put the bottom part up to the mike bottom part the speakers the speaker part where you're fucking speakers are to bottom up. Does bobby trip everybody out. Well worried about that. You're telling me that goats trip out just to noises. They have a whole thing. Where they these folks go out there and seeing to these fucking these fucking the throat singing. There's one yodeler. And he's and he's mastered dislike different types of octaves but yet my out there next thing about going to and okay let me let me ask you this buy tickets. I was the work fucker. Sell out what i was going have are you are these motherfuckers tripping balls and they do this. Just be like them go. Oh yes it has to be the case ask. What else could literally be the pasta. I'm just asking questions. The art master of goat yodeling of goat yolly dow. But what. I'm saying. What i'm saying is i could've done mindset from tonight to run a bunch of goats and i could be. This is hitting for these guys coach. Recite fucking in. Kansas bobby like i'm crushing for these goats. Listen while saying they watch videos playing that they're and they're their their were voices. They're getting like doing these crazy. Town's we'd like the cello and the fucking by leonard. Should look or you you fucking sitting there. You guys can't see the dj. Just swallowed the microphone when it goes like i worked. They are confused. Just got their mesmerized. If you look at this video nasties is and i got. Wow people anyways like rectangles shoot up and her eyes get real big and if she does do like that fucking jesus camp. Yeah yeah yeah do this. Exactly what testifying testify. Getting that holy goes out holy go. Yeah i'm telling you takes trip you the fuck out. When are you going to get your second goat here soon. Man hopefully do because you told me when you first got this goat direct quote from you go. You came over to my house. You brought the goat you left immediately may with the goat which hit for me and you come back and you're like hey buddy. How was watching that goat and i was just like. Oh it was mesmerized. You know the whole time. It was great and you were just like year by but i gotta get me another goats. That much new nine about me is just that an only goat is alone league. And that's a god damn fact yes it is. It is an absolute fact but with miss nessie see. There's not a lot of good breeding practice there. it's fucking livestock is people. Don't understand so where we got. Sc was it from the most. That's the part of all the stuff he's been saying people don't understand that go to livestock. Yeah there's cages. Dogs ain't lifestyle. When we took this rectangle add beasts horse better. Did a horse doctor shit man. that's and do nothing but go to the fucking yard. Some honeysuckle lays out the goddamn fucking bush slinging on a guy named ground. Go i think she needs to far..

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