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Goldstein says while viewers can explore such weighty matters as climate change Aleutian and poaching, it's not all gloom and doom. There's a Saturday morning film program. Just for families with a great film about elephant rescue. Also, something new and unique artistic director, Alexandra drawback. Dion says you can go on a journey to Africa without leaving the theater lobby. You can sit on a stool and have this helmet on and be immersed in sound and sight and feeling of being on the plains of northern Kenya. And seeing herds of animals coming towards you in running past you and turning around to see things in the skies and things in the water festival opens this Friday at the Philadelphia film center on chestnut street near broad. I'm Paul Kurtz. KYW NewsRadio another horse died this weekend at a southern California track. That's been plagued by deaths in recent months, just two days after Santa Anita reopen. Following a nearly one month closure. Another horse suffered a fatal injury horses. Go down and they threw up the green curtains, and that was the accident took place during the San Simeon stakes two horses went down one of them arms runner had to be euthanized. It's the twenty third death since late December this fans reaction. I don't know if it warrants a shutdown, but there is there is something that's missing Steve Futterman. CBS news, Los Angeles early election results in Ukraine show residents of the former Soviet Republic for favouring a comedian to leave the country early results in Ukraine's presidential election show, a comedian who plays a fictional president with no political experience. Maintaining a strong lead against incumbent. President petro Pora shaneco setting the stage for runoff people are above all more important than political activity and ambitions early projection show of a lot of MIR Alinsky earning more than thirty percent of the vote while the incumbent president poorer shaneco was a distant second with neither candidate winning. Fifty percent. The election heads to a runoff, April twenty first despite trailing Poro shaneco hailed the results as a victory for Europe as neither candidate wants to move Ukraine toward Russian control after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in two thousand fourteen Scott Carr, Washington. There are finally signs of rebirth north California town that was destroyed by wildfire. Our home Jason bazaars answer to the question. Why rebuild the aftermath of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. The so-called campfire they killed eighty five people destroyed nearly nineteen thousand homes in more than one hundred fifty three thousand acres wiping out the entire town of paradise where bizarre has been issued the very first rebuild permit. His two other laws were the first to be cleared in deemed safe some of his neighbors. He says well not rebuilt, and he says he knows he his wife and daughter may be alone for a while. But believes the town will rise again. I'm Jim Roope. It's twelve twenty. This.

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