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Student. Student athletes student is first and foremost in <hes> through gene boy who runs our office of student athletics development <hes> and andrea laura alonzo jones down there. They've done a marvelous job. <hes> for years now before i came on board and in advancing the fact that graduation is first and foremost and then certainly in my time here we have stressed that time and time again that <hes> the academic pursuits here are first and foremost we want student athlete to accept that across all sports <hes> graduation is keeping because we're in the business development were in the leadership development business <hes> and if they're not graduating from here we have failed miserably so graduation and graduation rights in in <hes> a._p._r. Academic progress rates and reports for us are critically important to what we're doing so graduation is paramount otherwise we've let these young men and women down and we fail miserably and we shouldn't be right and i my favorite n._c._a. Commercial was the one that said two hundred thirty three thousand student athletes and only so many are going to be professional professional something else and you know part of that tribe and so so are you where you know that professionalism and powers and changes and has great social impact which is important to both which leads me to a question so many people you want to get involved in sports and i try to tell them. Sports is not a profession. It's an industry right so develop skills knowledge and find what you have a passion for for and it's okay to be profitable with that passion. What advice would you give someone that would like to get into college administrator letting director what skills you know. I'm not going to talk about where you go or weapon. Really what skills would you advise him to start developing at a younger age well they have to in my view be willing all in to be a utility player in don't limit your entry point. <hes> be willing literally to relocate <hes> to do whatever you're asked to do. You've got to get in the door because it's an industry where everybody wants to get in but everybody is not willing to do whatever takes in terms of developing skill set and getting started to get in <hes>. They want to narrow down their focus. I want to be an athletic director and a powerful school on the west coast. Is everybody else you know. You've got to be willing to go. Be a i hear administrator at a division three school up in delaware right. If that's what it takes so <hes> <hes> cast a wide net be willing to you essentially sacrifice <hes> some of the comforts of home if you will to get out there and really be able to demonstrate first of all your passion ashen and then your ability <hes> to think outside of the norm outside of the box is the cliche <hes> and be willing to do some different things a lot. The first time entry level folks. Maybe aren't willing to do right and when you don't your entry point it involves something called patients which the older we get the more we get the young we are. It's very difficult i. I'm going to steal that from you. I'll give you credit. That's i love. Don't limit your your point of entry entry point last question all the things things you have been able to achieve both personally with your family and here at the school in n._f._l. And even as a lawyer and agent <hes> what the legacy that you'd like to leave <hes> i you know legacy is a is a is a is a big word and sometimes the concept of it. <hes> is a little bit <hes> a shocking to me <hes> but what i would tell you that <hes> when i leave this earth i really would just like folks to think back and say you know what at guy made a difference th- that that guy made my life for some other folks lives at i'm aware of <hes> just a little bit better <hes>. He just made a difference because he cared. That's that's really what i'd like to leave <hes> in in <hes> when i when i leave from here david that they look pretty cool guy he kind of made a difference. That's all i look to do from what i've heard around. I think that's already happening so you're on the great. I love the fact that not only have you made a difference but you brought into this podcast. The one person that made a huge difference in your life was was your high school football coach. There's no question as we have the same feeling towards mine. Although you know our careers you've been these crazy appearing allow it. I say did anyone out there. That's an entrepreneur teacher mentor. You can change one life and end up you know somehow. Participating and extraordinary lives even though you may not feel what you're doing is extraordinary. It has an extraordinary impact on my <hes> coach parks and he went on a <hes> a what do they call it a reunion with his iwo jima emma colleagues who survived they went back to iwo jima. <hes> and this is years later. I still have a little <hes> sandwich sandwich bag of sand that he brought me back from the beach of iwojima. When he came back he sent me a <music> a bag of san with with a note <hes> reminding me <hes> of all the things we had <hes> done in the times we had spent talking together because he kind of took me on this kind of a surrogate son knowing my story <hes> and i still have it in my <hes> my safe deposit the box and i thought i was back home. Those little baggie of <hes> sand from you a team of from coach luis in a bag. That's awesome well. I really appreciate <music>. You're busy. All pac. Twelve oaks runs in my family but we're trying to make strides graduating kids. I think that's what's most important absolute so i appreciate our pleasure. Don't limit yourself. Be kind to your future self. I'm here with ray anderson. This is dave meltzer with entrepreneur nor the playbook by hope. You enjoyed this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note. I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget get to continue it by sharing. 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