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Because they in enough. Yeah i mean it's an interesting point. But the the two the two guys oxygen reference. The jets didn't have an opportunity to drag because they were gone. Already when they're pick was there baker mayfield and then also trevor lawrence with first overall picks and the jets didn't have those so it'd be better examples of you're saying guys that the jets could have selected and did not but. Yeah we talked so much about. Santona was twenty years old and he had been a linebacker for as long as he'd been a quarterback and that was it was to take some time. And also jack wilson. I mean he played. You know those two years one a hell of a lot better than the other but yeah. Another guy didn't play three straight years at a high level of college football and face the best opponents in the world sure but not everybody gets those opportunities and It is an interesting point the learning on the job thing and both these guy. Sam anzac wilson looked like they like they need a lot of time. You know you worry about them. Getting ruined we're five games into zach. Wilson's career yeah and there have been moments where he's got the wild factor. So let's he'll be so much better next year and hopefully he'll be better this week after just getting a week off and a reprieve and getting away from all of this stuff and turning away from football for five or six days and hopefully comes back refresh but we're still in the beginning throws of his career so it's not this is not make or break for him right now. You know the jets are going to go with him now for the next three to four years much like the giants have gone with daniel jones. Let's go to angelo in bellmore. What's going on angelo. Hey guys how i. It's been awhile since we talked about new mexico willing to trade new mexico to mexico throwing sanchez a bag of balls and willing to give new mexico to mexico for a small price. What do we get back like getting back. Yeah both san lucas or something. Maybe those one of those cinnamon treats. They like to eat those festivals. Sure owes maybe a box of chiro. Ceos really you really look at to get rid of new mexico. Angel of jesus who knew there was so much disdain for new mexico out there disdain. For it i've been there once or twice. I know it's kind of like a desert state. Yeah fine man. I tell you i mean the stuff. We're talking about today to stanley's chrome cake chereau's yes you're rose and vanilla ice cream. Worn chiro and vanilla. Ice cream is up there. That's that's a top five dessert for me okay. How do you feel about bananas. Foster love it. I love you know. I trying to think like i said i also love cookie and a warm cookie in a pain. You know one of those. Oh yeah and then like you throw the ice cream on net anything where you have like the the warm in the cold thing going on there that you get that all into that and a good piece of i like a you know i love carrot cake actually love a good piece of cash. Raw quit nougat ball and in the occasional chocolate nougat paul. What's your what's your dessert choice. One i had one real choice of desert. Maybe the jim dandy friendly's i would say we still have an active friendly's in seville by the way i know we have one in east islip as well crazy it's awesome an active friendly snapple colder that but we not as kind of shrunk. Yeah though i know you could still go in there and still the same thing. Get your patty. Melton gets a little cups ice cream and get your ribble Still there could walk right back into the eighties and nineties in that. Friendly's yeah that's how. I'm going to break the diet is they're going to go to friendliest and just destroy myself and just with whipped cream and frivolous endorsed all sorts of stuff like that each the morning show with boomer esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo. You know i was thinking about tom. Brady this morning. There you're mic drop second. I know we're ready to talk a little bit about football as we hear you back. Yes yes yes job. You're thinking about tom. Brady right so tom. Brady is already over. Two thousand passing yards and they've played six games so they're a little bit more than one third into the season as we have a seventeen game season. Now i think there have been about twelve guys that have gone over five thousand yards in a season and for me and for my money. The greatest single season of quarterback i believe has ever had was the de marino season back in one thousand nine hundred four where he did throw for over five thousand yards and forty touchdowns and played in a team. -pletely different type of defensive situation where there was holding and grabbing in all sorts of stuff. And not all the calls were made like there are today where quarterbacks get second and third chances on defensive holding illegal contact and of course on past appearance so to me that that season stands alone as the greatest season that quarterback ever had in my eyes because one is replaced. But now. Tom brady's already over two thousand yards and tom brady has already throw for over. Five thousand yards in a season. Back in two thousand and eleven. So he's on pace right now to throw for fifty eight hundred and forty eight yards with the extra game. Yeah with the extra. i know that. So but the point being do you think you can get the six thousand yards. I know you well. You've been talking about this all year waiting to see a quarterback do it no. I don't think he's going to do it. Okay there's going to be a weekend there where he ends up only having like i mean he's going to have to average three hundred fifty yards plus a game. I think right so we have matthew. I'm gonna give the guys that are already over. Eighteen hundred yards at this point. And they're all averaging over three hundred yards per game. At this point and it starts with dak prescott matthew stafford patrick mahomes derek carr and then tom brady so all of those guys right now are all over. Eighteen hundred passing yards. They've all played six games and they're all averaging over three hundred yards per game passing with tom. Brady averaging three hundred forty four yards per game passing. So you're telling me you think someone's going to get six thousand yards. Yeah i think. I gotta figure that patrick mahomes. They'll be playing behind a lot this year. Yeah is tara and established shot and because of their team the other three and three. They got right against washington. They're going to be in a dogfight and division with the chargers. The raiders. there. He's going to have to play all seventeen games i believe. And he's going to end up having to throw for over three hundred yards every single game in order to win. I guess you.

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