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Stephanie Davis for W. W. Jamie's radio nine fifty on the Saturday sunshine will be returning to become breezy and milder in the Detroit area tomorrow highs in the mid fifties but with a shower complete accu weather forecast coming up thank you Carl the ban ski it is thirty four degrees in the city of Detroit cloudy skies there will update traffic and weather together at three oh eight W. W. J. news time three oh four we continue to follow the fight against corona virus here in Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer addressed Michiganders saying certain criteria need to be met to slowly start re opening businesses in the coming weeks and months the details now from W. WJZ Hewitt she has mentioned the first of may several times as a target date too slowly and strategically reopened select businesses across Michigan but for the first time governor Gretchen Whitmer has outlined some of the criteria she and health experts will be looking at including two employees of businesses interact with the public do they share equipment with colleagues where are they located in areas of possible covert hot spots and do they have employee screening capabilities in the workplace we're not there yet the rate of infection remains high especially in certain parts of our state and the threat of a second spike that overloads our hospitals is still very real if we don't get this right with over thirty thousand confirm covered cases in Michigan and more than twenty two hundred deaths the governor urges residents to continue to stay home and stay safe John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty one Republican senators have released a five point plan to re open Michigan business S. W. WJRT has details actually kind of a Jordi leader Mike Shirkey joined reverted to scene and we live on WWJ warning he says the proposal open Michigan safely is more than just a title I call it a transition that we have thousands of businesses across Michigan the nation and the world we're demonstrating that they can design their workplace to be a safe at work as it is at home jerky says the lack of input allowed from the governor Whitmer sort of forced their hand do you think that the governor has too much emergency power in Michigan I believe that the governor needs to have certain powers has she worked with you at all there's been no invitation yet we gauge in a robust conversation about how do we design and execute a transition I can guarantee you that the shutdown continues the extreme level what it is right now that we'll find out afterwards the treatment was worse than the than the actual disease Tom Jordan W. WJW nine fifty after coming off of off one of its best days with the lowest number of deaths reported Detroit is looking ahead mayor Mike Duggan says there is hope in the city is right we are beating this thing the number of people going into doctors and hospitals in Detroit is dropping by the day and those nine hundred seventy nine beds over the T. C. F. center I said ten days ago the report card of the city would be that and I never dreamed I would only have twenty one beds occupied after more than a week of being open the city of Detroit is reporting five hundred and eighty two desks and roughly seventy four hundred cases as of this morning the police chief in Highland Park is still battling the corona virus Detroit mayor Mike Duggan said Friday that chief Hilton Napoleon is off a ventilator and is now in stable condition the Polian had been on a ventilator and in the intensive care unit at a local hospital for several weeks a worker at the GM tech center in Warren has died of covert nineteen U. A. W. officials say the person worked for GM's janitorial vendor Aramark the Detroit threes manufacturing plants meantime are currently shut down to protect workers from exposure to the virus W. W. J. news time now three oh eight it's time for traffic and weather together we do this every ten minutes on the aids will start off with a look at your drive this morning no major problems as you make your way a quiet out there in this three o'clock hour and just a couple of notes in construction for later this morning I ninety six I should say I six ninety six west bound at Haggerty road the two right lanes will be closed starting at noon today we close from noon to around two o'clock and then I six ninety six east bound at orchard Lake Road the two right lanes will be closed at nine AM through.

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