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A ton of movies i've only seen a few of them he just had this this is the nineteen thirties when movie started getting free beacon maze right and the you could just do these incredible things and you couldn't do in cinema before because of technology wasn't there right because you know the the medium had just had just gotten to a place now a the the plot is ridiculous i won't go into it but involved like faking it death and stuff stuff or like lying about faking a death it's it's but it's a musical it's hilarious as kind of raunchy oh interest in a way that i don't think you see it as much and like american movies from tyrod you thinking like this is gone with the win right where it was like a big deal they said frankly my dear i don't give it out right right this is like hotter yeah the brits had their body humor yeah sure like irreverence yeah i do there's certainly some of reverence in this and there's some sincerity to a the songs are summer summer not so great a few of them are captivating a a but i would think i would say that something that i think that counts and evergreen check that out and even if you think it might not be a cup of tea like musical my ten year offer something it's it's one of those it's like you might think you would know what it was like and then you see like oh wait there's a lot more to this than you know then my assumption would be yeah i just stumbled upon it the other day and i was like oh okay there's a huge chapter of filmmaking hear anything about yeah it's great and discovering things like you think you have seen it all at a certain point then you discover something new like that are holding genre even you know where a sub genre that you're like oh my god had i not know this is the thing i'm sure now seeing it at all yeah that's true and then finally number five movie going one on one oh what you're movie going ritual when you do go to the theater like sit you eat stuff chasing i have had long discussions about this is we've gone you know there's a there's a theater right here that does a classic movies yeah midtown art yeah yeah and so yeah usually go get some chicken fingers there's something okay drink at least one i don't wanna drink too many beers or excuse you don't have to p a lot now i'm with you i don't wanna get up during the movie i don't drink it movies yeah no i am and i wanna pay but say you know mood in start till seven right leave work at five get some food beer yeah the movie use the bathroom beforehand right up now him and i have very different opinions but we have said together a few of these so i think six rows back in town arts is is where we six seven rose okay a center right yeah right and i watch all the crisis all the way through all the credits at the end okay yeah that's a nice addition no one ever throws that in which i watch all the credits very respectful this people a sure man you know so that might be the greatest work that might be their biggest achievement their name flashes flashes buying it screen right so that's great man hats off to you doing oh thanks for having me there's a lot of fun all right everyone i hope you enjoyed that i hope you've got a good sense of alex is he a he's someone that doesn't even though there's a new movie out and that really kind of says it all alex is a great guy very lucky to have him and very lucky to have him in studio today talk about ed wood an femoral a go check it out like i said the penultimate episode is out monday a the final tenth episode will be out the following monday you could find it wherever you get your podcast is you know and it's really really good a you can listen in any order like you said they're not super sequential but i would start out with that pilots real grabber and just go from there so.

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