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I was disappointed with what i found as well does being built so this original coffee shop a bubis it it it was a little it was a little changed placed by schwab's drugstore we've really going to get discover in 1930s forty than i james dean hung out there and vampire of hung out there and all these b o b nick kids were there in the duty and it was just the low plays in the gut written applicable magazines and people started to it oh it just away architecture is not some brand some brand new york los angeles creation with that right is very much though yeah and so the people the created those would also go on a design like that with the designed by john walker who designed these um you're using this bishop house on a stick the chemist her house in la if you've seen some of the movie heat yet all williams than it was it out bryant dressed to kill alert if we kind of taking you to school what got so soon no years later now you were involved in preservation society is the item idol guy he is this story i think you want it i i used to walk home from high school in front of an advantage building and it was really exciting glick it was just a modern ruin it was so weird and it was really great and i i got this book i got the book of un was 79 i called the guy that road it and he said he there was clubbed started kind of his nago the book now i call.

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