Gabrielle Union Files Discrimination Complaint Against Simon Cowell and 'AGT'


Gabrielle union I there's some news about Gabrielle union yeah in fact she filed a complaint Thursday so Gabrielle union you'll remember let's back up a little bit we'll just say that the headline is that she has filed a discrimination complaint against America's got talent's producers along with NBC universal will we'll talk about the details in just a moment but I do think it's helpful to back up and remind people that this is not the first time they've heard of Gabrielle union's harassment complaints against NBC universal and America's got talent so let me just give you a little background on that we talked about that I actually can't remember the specific when new time this very fleeting at this moment do you are you tight when we initially yeah I talked about and that was like a month ago maybe actually you know what I have to be to win new terror it was November of last year okay we learned that Gabrielle union had a complaint a number of complaints to lodge against America's got talent but specifically Simon how you remember that's when we learned about for example the story about Jay Leno making a racist joke during a commercial break that they were filming so all that was you know just under a year ago but then and we knew stuff was going on behind the scenes because NBC universal had talked about how they were addressing the issue but we really didn't hear anything else well apparently being made the negotiations which they were in the midst of conducting were not enough order Gabrielle union didn't feel that those negotiations were leading to the results she was hoping for which it seems that is the reason that she went ahead and filed this complaint and I should say that this complaint is actually very likely a precursor to an actual lawsuit so that's that's that's what I know about blackouts I'm old I am I never happened just works okay so sorry technical difficulties over okay so this is the will so we're now in the precursor to a lawsuit that will be ruled out by Gabrielle union for these discrimination allegations likely I read the story in variety which talks about how this is all laid out and what the complaint actually is who it's to and I can tell you that the complaint itself was filed with California's department of fair employment and housing and it name specifically three outfits FremantleMedia Simon cowl's production company Syco or Sicko I don't know he said it's probably not psycho and then NBC universal and again those D. F. E. H. complaints are usually precursors to a lawsuit and Holly brought this up during the dirt alert so the NBC entertainment chairman Paul to like be he has also been accused in this recent complaint of threatening Gabrielle union through her representative for speaking out against the racism on the set that she felt she witnessed okay so this is like an onion right like the layers of an onion yeah there sure initial allegations that she shared publicly and you said it was in November past that well that's when the story broke we should say about her because you'll remember she and Julianne Hough four let go and I think it was shortly there after that we started learning that not all was well right so so there's that like sort of pod right so like you know she talked about things not being so great on set in November and then just in the complaint of that or the public awareness of that then she starts to experience harassment as a result of speaking out yes so when she you know made those those complaints public apparently she claims that she faced pushback and directly threats from the head of NBC's entertainment okay S. and you know none of the people that were names I believe are speaking with the exception of a spokesperson for NBC universal and here's what they said very categorically quotes the allegation that anyone involved in this process threaten his union is categorically untrue we took ms unions concerts CERN seriously and engaged an outside investigator who found an over arching culture of diversity on the show NBC universal remains committed to creating an inclusive and supportive working environment where people of all backgrounds are treated with respect it sounds like a very boiler plate you have to lease you know cover all your bases response it does not address the specific our issues brought up in her complaint and her people are taking you know everyone to task as a result I I'm not going to read the full response from her she I found this interesting this little side note but she's got this person speaking on her behalf and it says that he has power of attorney his name is Brian Friedman I'm not I'm not sure if that's just her legal representative but I'm I'm wondering if it's because of like coal bed that she he has to act as her power of attorney because maybe she's not able to be wherever interesting racing or maybe that's just totally standard but like when our attorney Mike white is Gabby union union you need our

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