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Dot global as we go back to Parker on the line in Washington state's listening online. Parker you were telling us about Stockholm syndrome which of course. We've heard of it before but I asked you. To explain it for listeners it maybe were unfamiliar. Stockholm syndrome, the idea that somebody who a captive or. Hostage will over a period of time they could become they can identify with or empathize with their I guess hostage-takers what's the word I'm looking for here Their oppressors Yeah exactly and so if they identify with them that can make separating them much more difficult and it makes them do things that they otherwise wouldn't, have done, you know sort of defense of their own captors and you were likening that to sort of what happens with people and their government, that they they gain this Stockholm syndrome towards. Their government even though the government is, oppressing them they will still say that it's a good system that it's the best system in the world that we're free. Or whatever and so you were just proposing that you. Wanted to you're talking about going to a government college, government college but, you know pretty much all if you're gonna be in. The US there's only like two, government colleges and I don't think that any of them have psychology He wanted to. Become a doctor of psychology and, then do what we never got to your actual proposal Okay so I guess I would have to go to a college that either get government funding or something whatever Even if I go. To. College I I'm certain that that government colleges teach people how to specialize in Stockholm syndrome therapy and, rehabilitation So there's that but that's essentially the. Crux of what I would? Like. To, try. And do because but then what, will, you do once you get the doctorate in psychology what is your plan then psychiatry sorry psychiatry Psychiatry Psychology degree in, psychology the the bachelor's in, psychology and they go on for a masters in the psychiatry is what he. Said I missed that. Part why would you wanna do? Psychiatry because if I if I were to get a masters or doctorate in psychiatry than I could specialize in Stockholm syndrome Therapy. And rehabilitation then from there I? Could treat people who have why would you want to dope somebody up to try to solve the issue of syndrome Psychiatrists do You're. You're confusing psychiatry. With psychology psychiatry. Is No. That's, what I'm saying psychiatry is neds okay yeah that would mean he would be doping people up to solve their problem when this is a. Problem you got to solve at the route you've got. To solve people's beliefs and. Change those things you can't just prescribe something. Maybe, why maybe one thinking of is psychology basically what I liked to do is I'd like to be able to to. Use the power of of persuasion to And and used A doctorate and all the understanding of the human mind in order to break through what Psychology psychology and how is it going to happen, that, you're going to have a bunch of status in our Minarik is due to pay hey you to cure them of their status Stockholm syndrome Well for one thing? It be by referral once I have but why would somebody wanna come to you like if somebody, who. Doesn't think that something you're doing is the problem not going to go have it treated why does why does anyone who was, a, status find themselves listening to Larkin wrote it's being Doesn't cost one hundred. Twenty dollars an hour it would be total accident I mean if, a status site hunters Larkin rose, because they saw video online and happened to click on, it for whatever reason maybe it has referred? Them to it maybe they had a title that was attractive and they didn't know what they were getting in? Are there questions that does happen that's more of I catered to but then they're. Not like Then. They don't really they have less of kind of the middle issues associated with that at that point yeah it is still there but this seems like a lot of money to invest for very little potential return, it's a pretty good career and you can, make pretty good money and if you, do it, you're, a, normal psychologists I'd like to have libertarians in every field so. I'm, fine, with. This and, I support it Parker I would like to chase an Ian because of. His ignorance and blathering on as he does one of the greatest achievements that are going on right now in psychiatry involve Silla Sivan MD and other psychotropic drugs. The sort of thing that. You're all, about but you you just leave that behind you're like oh well they give them drugs that I've heard that sometimes. Are bad well well yeah I mean. The psychiatrists are not able legally prescribe the things that you mentioned there some advances going on. Where there's actually a headline here about the FDA approving some Silla, Sivan trials for treating clinical Oppression, and. That's great, news he gets the degree perhaps he could just set up a clinic. In Mexico and have people fly there to meet him oriented candidate or something I'm not saying don't do opportunities here Perhaps not listen to you're not going to be a talk show. Host and I'm gonna make a degree Don't do it okay what I'm saying is be realistic about, what your chances are, here if your entire goal is to take on, patients to try to convert them Out of their Stockholm syndrome. Maybe you're coming out this from too narrow of a perspective and you should, consider just taking. On. Patients who need psychological psychologist by all means go be a psychologist. Don't be psychologists in the hopes that that is going to give you a You know a wealth of status that you can convert. Yeah I mean they're not going to line up to come in and be converted by you that navy something that you can slip in to discussions when the time seems appropriate. With a patient who is there for whatever other reason that they have sought out your. Help but I cannot see there being a line of patients coming in. To help you pay off your college loans because they're got to charge a lot of. Money for these services so you can. Make your money back that you've. Invested into the. Degree and all that they're probably not going. To be doing. That, even on referrals or whatever because most people don't think. They have, a problem right when it comes to in government so. Parker thank you for the call good luck with the school, career I appreciate it the toll free number here is eight fifty five fifty free yeah please go ahead. 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