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Stand in the president and wait for the guards Bessette ball. I know a lot of centers out there that never never happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening to ribbon. GM's rolling out a new version of an old favourite. And as AP's Rita Foley reports. It's a little bigger around the midsection. The next generation corvette will the byu on July eighteenth. What's it look like, and how powerful isn't well, we're going to have to wait for the answers to some of your questions, but we do know this. There's a big change coming to the beloved classic sports car GM confirms the engine is being moved to the area between the rear wheels. And the passenger compartment amid engine design. They call it as for looks GM's only released a photo showing CEO Mary Barra. Standing next to a camouflaged, corvette. I'm Rita Foley. Asylum ruling successfully appealed, I'm Jacky Quin within a p news minute. The Trump administration for now can resume sending asylum seekers back into Mexico. Their cases are heard a federal court overruled a judge's injunction. I it was a consumer warning. Now, there's a recall on the Fisher Price rock and play sleeper. Our Ed Donahue report, the company says more than thirty babies rolled over in them and died since the product was introduced in two thousand nine reporter surrounding former school administrator swept up in the college admission scandal, Mark rebel pleaded guilty. To taking bribes to sit in for wealthy students during college entrance exams a five way tie for the lead after thirty six holes at the masters.

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