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Lot of headcount growth. Interesting. You can't just build a digital bank for the future without ramping up aggressively there. You can't rule out a lot of these new products without staffing up on that front. And that's a place which is right for cuts, unfortunately. One question before we let you go. Is everybody back in their seats in the office? Is it being in person really important? Over the last two years, one team has been very clear if there is one bank that has been adamant about wanting everyone back in the office. Common Sachs has been at the forefront of it. Heading into the last people because of that, come on, you talk to everybody. One would hope not. We'll find out at the end of the week, but surely I can not expect that being a factor in cutting jobs, but Lisa. No, but other tech guys at Goldman Sachs having a tantrum because they got a darkened the door 5 days a week. Cut to the chase. It might have been throwing dungeons and we certainly heard a lot of complaints out of 200 west over the last couple of years, but right now they don't have event for those complaints right now. They want to keep their heads down and hope that they still have a job going into next. I mean, you're only working here. You're working four days a week at home, right? Yeah, and gone 5 days a week in the office, Tom. Really? Of course he does. Basic doesn't do that. You know? Yes, she does. Everyone works very hard. Look, I don't think that necessarily being in the office also indicates how hard people work, but there is a shift back to a culture of being more in person. Particularly for the banking. The surveillance cork on this I've got to be careful. Anyway, Srinagar, I'm not a Rajan with this here. We do this into January into earnings of banks. He will be most busy on the movements on global Wall Street here through the coming days as well. It is a different January in New York City. I would say is between two strikes by nurses and the turmoil and Wall Street. It's just a different pandemic. I get it, but wow, is it a different January? I feel like this is the first year that we have a sense of what the post pandemic reality might look like. Strongly agree right now. Right now. And that last year was still recovering from the pandemic. This year is different. This year is, okay, reset, people get back to the offices. However many days a week that they are agreeing to do so and face something that's going to be a very mixed picture economically. Well, economically, but also politically. I would suggest that all the school drama and that maybe we get to some normality that we have not had. And that would be right now, but we'll pay attention to this in our local people, of course, with those nurse strikes. That's a big deal for New York City. Yeah, especially because we are heading into the trifecta of various illnesses. It's not over despite the fact that people are ignoring it. I do want to mention Lululemon shared. A toxic brew. It is. I mean, it's a disaster. People don't seem to care anymore. It just sort of like, yeah, you're sick or something, you know. I honestly, oh, look at that. There is this coming. Morgan Stanley's John pruzan. A one time CEO candidate. Exit the firm. That is a big deal through the morning for global Wall Street. He is the chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley, there are three if not four people under mister Gorman in everybody including mister Gorman, is a young Turk. This is really, really interesting to see. A 28 year adviser to James Gorman exiting the firm. John Cruz and to leave Morgan Stanley stay with Bloomberg, good morning.

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