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It would have been a grilling day because it was nice outside. I kept trying to get my dog out. He's pretty smart. She knows when it's raining. He wants no part of it. Glad glad mocks quiet now, she wouldn't go out into the backyard. Maybe if I had fired up my grill in my backyard and put them back meets on the I could've gotten around and outs and didn't get around to late afternoon. But the sun finally came out got the dog out that started to rain again, and we had a game delay. But the hour and thirty minutes we had to wait was worth the wait. Because right off the bat gay TV I'll Muto goes up. Oh solo upo in inning number one. And to this point JT hasn't had a JT bail Muto type year. Got off to a little slow start. If you go from opening day on he's had his good games. He's had poor games. Tonight. Was a good start. And that's all you got the Phillies off on the right foot with the solo home run opposite field shot that he hit second batter at the game. But affiliates to give them the one nothing lead. They would add another run in the port on. Another. Apple Homer, this one by Mike Cal Franko. Who of course, was you could argue the Philly hottest hitter from the first fifteen games of the season somewhere there abouts at an Opie s well above a thousand up near thirteen fourteen hundred he unfortunately has come back down to earth, and because of necessity would a lot of injuries to police have suffered and a couple of guys struggling they had to take him out of his comfort zone and manage its comfort zone, which was just writing his name into that number eight in the lineup where he was very productive. They needed him a little higher up in the lineup. And could be told the hasn't delivered as much. Shitting higher in the lineup that he did when he's down in the number eight spot where he delivered a solo home run in the fourth inning to give Jared. I cough a little bit more breathing room. I call ends up going seven scoreless. The only thing that really was worrisome was the sixth because at the time in the sixth inning was still just two to nothing lead Brinson led off with the RBI double and then a very strange move. I thought by Don Mattingly and Mattingly's a pretty good manage I happen to be a fan. But it doesn't mean I can't disagree from time to time with tiny ballgame. And he's calling on I actually feel badly for him because he's only got so many buttons. He can push the Marlins aren't very good team. He led his starting pitcher Jose Urano hit in the top of the sixth inning. You know, what's in pitching badly. The only two really bad pitches. He made was to be on Muto owner now Franko where he was actually pitching pretty well. I get it. But that lineup you need to score runs when you get a chance. And by the way, I cough was pitching. Well, you are trailing to not than the game. You let Rena head and you renowned up striking out which I didn't necessarily agree with the next two batters popped up. I coughed got out of that. Tricky six dating question was gonna come back from the seven. Oh, yeah. He did. And it was a one two three seventh inning. So kudos to jarred. I caught best starting effort. He's had in quite some time. And he gave the Phillies bullpen a little bit of a respite. Sure enough templates still found a way to use three pitches over the final two innings which I'm not gonna split hairs complain about. But I coughed did them a major solid by going seven shutout innings tonight and little distance in a game on the score. Board and over the school board as a matter of fact provided by one Bryce Harper who had a bomb of all run four hundred Twitter into right field. Second deck running around base to add two more runs and give the Phillies comfort zone that they needed the manager decided to go with pack Nisha in the non save situation in the night. And check out the done the job done. Put the bow on the president of the four nothing. Philly win your game recap. Brought to you by acme spring. Is here. Your local acne stocked ready with the fresh meat and produce perfect time to five to take in a game. And discover why springtime he's better with acme. Your favorite local local supermarket fairly fans. The final out is view to be heard on your squad. Like, I said we had some worry last night on the phones. Do we flip the switch that easily should because Phillies? Look damn good tonight. Homerun hitters don't want that supposed to do. We had run starting pitchers doing what they're supposed to do shutout innings and bullpen picking up. Right. Where two starting pitchers dropped off. When missed I caught was given the rest of the night off. That's basically checking off all the boxes. What do you think?.

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