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Ringside at WrestleMania 15 in Philadelphia. He does continue to do commentary for the international broadcasts for the next two years. And he's traveling to Stanford once a week for that. Is gorillas health really catching up with him here? Yeah, absolutely. It kept deteriorating. He lost a bunch of weight, he had good doctors care bob Morello, AKA grilled monsoon, was a very smart guy. So he's not going to be like a lot of the boys and just let it go. I'll work through it. I don't want to show any weakness because promoters don't want to see a weakness in a talent. At least that was the old school way. Look at it. And now you hope AW does. We put our talents first and we have doctors on site. At every physical endeavor, so it was an interesting time to say the least. But the whole story really revolved around Austin and his long-term health. Well, let's talk about something slaughter is going to do here on cam. He's going to announce that the patriot Dale Wilkes is going to be getting a title shot at the new champion Bret Hart at the upcoming ground zero pay per view. You want to talk about timing. I don't think there's ever been better timing for a new character to be introduced than perhaps at the height of this USA versus Canada feud that really just electrified an arena the month prior at Canadian stampede, and now we've had some real stakes the night before, where Fred Hart were to lose, he would never wrestle in America again. Of course now instead, he wins and haze the world champ. So we need an American hero to combat this damn Canadian heel. And who better than the patriot? Is this just right time right place for Dale Wilkes? Do you think he could have had success in the company without this angle? Chat me up. Well, I think that it was largely Brits idea to work a deal with. Brett saw something and they'll wilks that Brett wanted intrigued him. And he thought that their in ring styles and all that stuff, the presentation was very compatible. So I think Brett had a whole lot to do with that booking, quite frankly. And it was the right thing. You know, you go out there, it's like people say it all the time. You go over, you get over it. Well, you know, Brett was hell bent on making sure that Bill Wilkes got over. There's plenty of false finishes, there's a drama, solid fundamentally sound because that was a great idea to do the mash as I mentioned, and it was prince idea to lay out the match. I'm sure pat Patterson had some help in it. Which is always a blessing. So pat was a major proponent of Britt, so two fellow Canadians. So they got along great and always tapped into fast knowledge. So it was an interesting booking. But I think Bret Hart had more to do with that booking than they all Wilkes even, quite frankly. They'll look good, you know, he had those issues, substance abuse, which we were not aware of at that point in time. He looked great. Yes. He's a fun guy to talk to. And he's, you know, his football players are no gamecock. Everybody, you know, a lot of people like little cock. Say that as a South Carolina football, obviously. Sure. So anyway, that's fair, right? So anyhow, yeah, it was Bret Steele. That was best booking and it worked. They had a really good match. Everybody likes a little cock is available now as a T-shirt over ad free cares dot com. Of course, all of our proceeds and funds from those t-shirts sales go directly to saint Jude, so let's celebrate JR's great line there and raise some money for a good goals with saint jeans. Austin's immediately back on TV. He doesn't miss a single night. He's doing promos here. He's not taking any time off. Listen, in a modern era, it feels like he definitely would have been off the show and it's time to go get evaluated and that's prioritize your health. But this is a different era. Here it's time to rub some dirt on it and you don't want to lose your spot and walk it off and all that sort of thing. But he has, as you said at the top of the show, worked his ass off and as a friend of ours would say, he didn't come this far to just go this far, right? That's right. Oh, no doubt about that. He was hell bent on doing whatever it took to stay. He was present on television alive. And quite frankly, as fun as it was to call Austin's matches, and I called a ton of them, obviously. During that period of time, when he was the hottest, it was, I don't know, it's crazy scenario, but we didn't use our best judgment there, but Steve insisted that he'd be on television. Right. It wasn't like, let's talk about it. No, they don't talking about it. I'll be there, Monday. And we'll do whatever we got to do. Because the fans, as I started to say, MS they loved watching Austin wrestle. They just wanted to see him. Yes. They wanted to hear him. Yes. And his swagger and his bravado and all that stuff. People live vicariously through that. So getting Steve

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